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    When originally on the search for Gold Sellers, i came across this site, Mmosale. By far its ones of the more attractive sites, and has a real professional look. Thousands of successful transactions and many of them are mine for sure.

    So, i can trust this site in handling money orders, they use many different payment types, one of my most commonly used is PP. They also give you a % of the money you spend back on the online store, this is only like 3% or something marginal but its something hey! Ive bought over 300k gold from them on wow over the years, and seen the reduction in prices quite quickly after each patch of a game or each expansion. 2weeks ago 10 G on Guildwars2 Was 36Euro, its now 22Euro.

    Most of the time there is a deal going on, currently its D3 gold, extra 10% gold when you buy from them. This deal happens over most of the games, first 2 weeks Gw2 was out, there was 5% and 10% due to the rate that they would get gold is a lot lower. And therefore there were slower transactions however, you always get your gold!

    1. Online account to keep on track of your transactions.

    2. They contact you via mobile/email/account mailing systems to check you are buying gold for a specific character when its a high amount. (Helps out a lot, also a security reason and so you can't just dispute the payment, as they obviously record the call)

    3. English isn't their first language by the phone calls i have had, however they do understand; they do speak very clearly and its easy to understand.

    4. Fast delivery, and if its not with you, or they have not contacted you, they have a live support team and just sending a mail online works to get an answer to why they haven't sent the gold.(usually sent within 12 hours or less WOW gold is fast - 1- 2 hours at most most days).

    5.Variety of games to choose from.

    6. Cheaper gold than most sites i have seen.

    7. Both EU and US ++++

    8.Always in stock

    9.Very Responsive to issues with the payment/mailing system or troubles when sending gold. - These are just availability, when they can catch you while your online.

    10. ONLINE BUTTON - Allows them to know when your online in game so they can trade / send you your gold. Games like GW2 They just send via Postal sometimes with just one leather so it looks like a friend helping you out rather than someone just donating 10G to you.


    1. Since using MMOsale, i have received a few other message from other partner sites or something asking me in game if i wanted to buy gold etc. Before this i did not unless it was someone doing their rounds in SW or Org etc..

    2. Newly added games = low stock = long wait. (GW2 i ordered 10G to get my professions up easily at the start took 3 days for the full amount to come through, drips and dabs where sent until the full amount racked up. Messages from 8 people.)

    3. Headers are misinterpreted most of the time, When it says 150,000 satisfied customers on the GW2 Tab it means over the course they have been gold selling. (I came to the site when they only had 15,000 customers.)

    That is all i can think of at the minute. But hopefully ive put another store on the gold selling map. If you have nay questions in relation to my review or just general questions about my transactions with MMOsale feel free to ask.

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    Don't buy from these morons 3 days now I've been waiting with not even so much as a message with an update. Won't ever buy from them again. In the past the most I waited from a site was 2 hours.

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    I use these guys alot.

    They are fast and delivery face2face!

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    Just ordered 60k from this site cause it was $50 bucks cheaper than GamerUSD, I'll come back and report on the order when completed.

    Edit - 26 hours and I had my gold, they responded quickly on the live help on the website.

    I'd asked them not to mention anything ingame about gold and they stuck to it.

    I used to be a big fan of GamerUSD, but with the huge difference in price I can wait a few more hours.

    I see a lot of people had problems with this site, I'm on a very high pop server, maybe that's why they had gold.
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