TradeSafe Middleman

TradeSafe Middleman

TradeSafe Middleman is OwnedCore's INSURED Middleman service that should be used for all trading or selling of ANYTHING online.


Attention: All conversations must happen on the messaging system. All conversations are kept in record in the event of a dispute. Do not respond to Skype, Discord or any other third party messages.
All middlemen are insured by TradeSafe Middleman. In the event the middleman makes a mistake or fails to complete the trade, your item has insurance up to a certain amount.

TradeSafe Middleman Services FAQ

What is TradeSafe Middleman?

TradeSafe Middleman offers buyers and sellers a layer of protection when trading virtual goods online. It’s always a question of “who goes first”? We remove that burden by offering our insured middleman service!

TradeSafe Middleman will hold the item until the buyer pays the seller, once that happens, TradeSafe Middleman then releases the item to the buyer.

How does this protect me as a buyer or seller?

As a seller, you are guaranteed that you will receive payment for your item.

As a buyer, you are guaranteed that you will receive the item.

What are the fees?

Trade Fee is $3.95 or 5% whichever is greater. You do not get charged both!

Who pays the fee?

Either the buyer or the seller can pay the fee. When you are entering into the transaction, both parties must decide and pay the TradeSafe Middleman fee.

What if the Middleman keeps my item or makes a mistake?

We insure your item up to a certain amount. As our TradeSafe Middleman service grows, our insurance pool will also grow! We hold back 5% of every transaction fee and add it to our insurance pool. Soon, we will be able to insure ALL items up to 100%!

What if the item I bought got recalled or the payment was charged back? Am I insured?

At this time, no. We cannot insure your item or payment outside of TradeSafe. We guarantee delivery of the item to the buyer and payment to the seller. After that, things are out of control. By starting a trade with TradeSafe Middleman, you agree to these terms.

We hope to offer some compensation sometime in the future once our insurance pool is high enough.