CoreCoins FAQ

Whats the idea behind CoreCoins?

- The idea behind CoreCoins is to give users services to enchant there user experience and give them ability to sell items easier and trade securely.

What is CoreCoins?

- CoreCoins is a trade currency that is used to order CoreCoins features.

Your epic Coin to fortune!

How to get started?

- Order CoreCoins first from this page, and afterwards u can activate the special corecoins features!

- Bonus: the bigger package you order, the more bonus to CoreCoins you will get.

- Also you can refer a friend to earn extra CoreCoins to you and your friend!

How do i get CoreCoins?

You can fill-up CoreCoins via this page and select one of these packages, please note the bigger package you order, the more extra CoreCoins you will get.

- Silver - 30% Extra Bonus Points 12.95 USD - 20000 points

- Gold - 80% Extra Bonus Points 24.95 USD - 45000 points

- Diamond - 150% Extra Bonus Points 99.95 USD - 250000 points (Best Offer!)

- Bronze - No Bonus 4.95 USD - 5000 points

How does the Premium Trade system work?

- You can now upgrade your threads incredibly easy. With a single click of the mouse you'll can make your trade thread "Premium Trade", similar to bold and red for a week. Just go inside your trade thread and click "Upgrade to Premium Trade". Any other/future benefits will of course also work this way. Corecoins will not be a part of the actual trading process which will return to normal. However, you do now have the possibility to dispute a payment and give feedback in a thread.

What is Legendary threads?

Legendary threads add you unique benefits with a customizable Merchant Page. You can select legendary threads in trade forums by creating a new thread. Legendary title will be shown in thread list and is an promotion feature that link to your unique “Merchant Page” After you create your legendary thread, please customize your unique “Merchant Page” on your user profile with sales benefits.

What is trade feedback?

- With trade feedback (premium trade only) you are be able to leave positive or negative feedback. but the positive feedback does not always show, this is intended, due to spam and massive sales.

What is trade disputes?

- The seller or buyer can anytime request a dispute (premium trade only), there will be created a thread in CoreCoins trade dispute forum and its up to each of them (seller, buyer) to proof there rights. In such case trade refund can apply, but its case by case situation.

What is thread bumps?

- You can bump your own thread (500 points) & get on first page in trade forums to get visibility. You can also BUMP for free every 6 hours or set thread to autobump.

What is Bold title text in threads?

- You can make text BOLD in title thread. 1000 points (1 week). To get more noticed. You can do that when you create your thread or your old thread.

What is Red title text in threads?

- You can make text RED in title thread 2000 points (1 week). To make your thread to stand out.

What is Premium Seller?

Premium seller: is a special title you can activate on CoreCoins page, where it will show "Premium Seller" in post bits and profile. 10000 points (1 month)

What is personal title?

- You can change your add a personal title in postbit & profile: 5000 points (1 month)

What is name glow?

- You can make your name glow in postbit & profile 2500 points. (1 Month)

How can i change username?

- You can change your username: 5000 points to get a new username.

How to advertise on OwnedCore?

- You can now Advertise in /forums/ section go to menu CoreCoins>Banners to setup your banner and price here to increase visibility and sales to your thread.

How can i disable ADS?

- You can disable ADS on site for a month for 1000 points (Discount offer!)

Goodluck with CoreCoins!

- Your epic coin to a fortune!

OwnedCore Team