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    How To: Use outside forums for your site.

    Hello everyone. If this is the wrong section please delete it.

    Anyways lets get started.

    What this guide will tell you is how to redirect to a outside forum such as This is useful for people who have websites and dont want to go through all that configuration and etc to use it host it on your own.


    Step 1: Setup a forum at any site that gives you admin access and such. Example:
    Step 2: If your website has a button and such for "forums" got to the forums.php file or whatever file it is that is the php file of your forums.
    Step 3: Delete everything in that file. And copy this code
    <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="5; url=Your sites URL here!">
    Two things you can do here.
    A. You can let it wait that "5" seconds which will slow things down (better in my opinion) or "0" seconds which will immediately redirect them.
    B. Let it wait 5 seconds and add a line of text to let them know whats happening. To do so:


    <font color="Grey">Redirecting... hold a moment please.</font>

    Notice the "Grey" in that box you can change the color to whatever you please. I prefered grey, but its up to you.

    Once you've done that, it should redirect when you click the forums button. If it doesnt you have no placed this in the right forums thing.

    Add: JavaScript Enabled Redirect (Stops most proxy sites since alot of them DONT enable JavaScripting and does other various things)
    <script type="text/javascript">
    window.location = "Your site here!"

    I'm willing to help so leave a comment with your error.

    I am not willing to help flamers.

    If its a repost ill delete it.
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    great post helped big time

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