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    When was your first video game grind?

    Was reading about WoW recently, specifically about how some goals are a "grind" to reach.
    We've all experienced this... a game gets to a point where you need to do some action repeatedly just to move forward. WoW is infamous for it.
    Got me wondering... when was the first time I did a video game grind?

    My personal answer... the first Dragon Warrior game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.
    I remember getting to a point where I was too weak to move forward, so I killed the local slime creatures or whatever until I was a higher level (stronger) and could then proceed. I remember "grinding" these slimes for a while (hours?), and then moving forward was a breeze.

    When was the first video game grind that you remember going through?

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    I'd like to say WoW, as I started during the grindfest that was vanilla, but all the way until end of BC I did nothing but mess around. Constantly leveling dwarf hunters to 10 then making new ones (that's when it became too slow for me) and such things. So didn't exactly do much grinding.
    First actualy grind was in some online mmorpg, I believe it was called sherwood dungeon or something like that? You'd play it in your browser and the entire thing was just an entire grind. Me and a friend would play it for hours a day after school

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