• [Review]ShadowBot a windows bot from the creators of PocketGnome

    I received this review from a guy that I know. He wrote it for my review site, but I thought that it would fit better here on OwnedCore. I have only tested this bot very briefly, but the review seems to fit my experience with the bot too.
    However, I did have two independent, non biased, Shadowbot users reading this review and editing it so it fitted their opinion, so this is infact a joined review spread out between 3 different and independant people.


    One-time fee = $25 USD – however, only $10 USD untill the 31st of July
    What do you get? Unlimited number of sessions, upgrades, and support.

    1 month = $7.99 USD
    3 months = $20.97 USD ($6.99 /month)
    6 months = $35.94 USD ($5.99 /month)
    ALL subscriptions auto renew each period.


    When I was first approached to review Shadowbot the first thing came to mind was; 'Didn't MyWoW replace it?'. The short answer is yes. I had a chat with one of the owners of Ceiling Fan Software (makers of Pocket Gnome, the only Mac OSX bot on the market) regarding Shadowbot. His comments are below:

    Q – Why move forward with Shadowbot and not rebrand to 'Pocket' something?
    A – (Jokur) Great question. We initially wanted to partner with MMOLazy and distribute Shadowbot here in the US but we could never really get the deal closed. Instead, we purchased the Shadowbot code last year from MMOLazy. At the time the development group at MMOLazy was heading to fully injected code. We saw a great value in a fully passive bot and decided to keep the name as is. Shadowbot here in the United States never took off as well as I think they wanted it to but did in fact have a strong following in France.

    Q – Is there plans to merge your Pocket Gnome and Shadowbot efforts?
    A – (Jokur) Totally! With things like behaviors now integrated into Shadowbot, we see the opportunity of both bots running the same backend so to speak. Our questing feature (to be released very soon) will be readable to both Shadowbot and Pocket Gnome. Pathing, questing, behaviors (combat), PvP routes, gathering etc will be a single click and go.

    Q – Seeing how your user interface for Pocket Gnome is well known for being user friendly, how much (if any) did you have to change the code for Shadowbot?
    A – (Jokur) LOL. Not laughing at your question but I will sum this up as nicely as I can. Our lead developer and co owner of CFS, Tanaris4, has threatened to slash his wrists over the amount of coding he has had to do to the original code. It has taken almost a year to get it to a stable and releasable state. Combat, navigation and pretty much everything else had to be completely removed and rewritten. Shadowbot is using the latest and greatest .Net 4.0 with all of the bells and whistles.

    Q – Your going up against a few other Windows bots. What makes your bot different or better then say Honor Buddy?
    A - (Jokur) I would like to think we have a great relationship with the guys at Honor Buddy. They are the only real competitors that we see. We do at times chat with them and I hope nothing but the best for them. What we offer that separates us from every other bot on the planet is our 100% passive approach as well as integrated functionality. To date I think we are not only the first bot on the market that is 100% passive, but we also plan to have EVERYTHING integrated into the software so you can open, click a button and go. A 16 year olds mother could install Shadowbot and be functional within a minute. Nothing against Honor Buddy and the rest of the bots out there but you have to have some computer knowledge to do complex tasks with these other bots.


    Shadowbot is the only World of Warcraft bot that is 100% passive out of the box. Passive meaning that it does not write anything whatsoever to WoW's memory. Thus making it the safest botting program available. Not even Click to Move is used in this application.
    Shadowbot also requires 0 programming or customization for behaviors. If you’re playing an arcane mage, or a resto druid, it will cast the correct spells appropriately. But if you’d like, you are able to create custom behaviors.

    Shadowbot offers predefined routes for gathering that can be downloaded from within the application itself. Also, a very comprehensive 1-85 route system is available for leveling characters.

    PvPing in battlegrounds is also supported.

    Additional features include auto mailing, auto purchasing of food / drink, auto vendors when needed and auto trains as it levels.


    For my first step of the review, I created a level 1 warrior Horde toon. I also removed all of the spells off of my bars (I was told do it, its pretty cool??). I had downloaded the 1-60 automated route from the Shadowbot forums and became a little puzzled. I clicked on some of the other tabs (settings to loot and gathering or what not) and felt like I was missing something. Gladly I wasn't. I hit the start button and that was it. Shadowbot moved all of the spells and abilities that my character was to use INTO my bars automatically. As I leveled and learned new spells / abilities, the bot would proceed to my trainer and learn the spells and place them into my action bars. After 3 hours I was already at level 12.

    The navmesh pathing / navigation system is quite impressive. It uses hotspots that you define and connects these hotspots with waypoints. There is a strict node method (which means don't try to mesh the waypoints just use a straight line of waypoints) as well as the traditional mesh method.

    Here is a screen shot of the route I downloaded as well as some of the options you have:

    Very complex route system

    Settings tabs that apply to all modules (PvP, Gathering and Leveling)

    Next, I hopped on my dusty druid that I use for farming herbs and ore and give the gathering module a spin.
    The gathering interface is quite amazing. It has a beautiful overlay of the terrain and can show tons of things that are around your character. I decided to use one of the 'official' gathering routes that are supplied from the creators of Shadowbot. It is a feature that is in my opinion AWESOME. Click and download the route you want rather then fiddling with manual zip downloads etc. Not sure why they did not do this with the grinding routes but I will mention that later. Here are some screen shots of the gathering interface:

    Below is Deepholm where I did my first testing using a predefined route.

    Shadowbot's official routes that can be loaded within the interface.

    You can 'view' the map prior to downloading it.

    The review with the druid went very well. Some underground nodes gave the bot some issues, but it auto blacklisted them after a few attempts.

    I chose Deepholm to test gathering. In the past I have used Honor Buddy and have found Deepholm to be very difficult for bots due to its terrain and multiple areas with multiple mobs. As expected the bot would get stuck, but seemed like the anti stuck mechanism worked fairly well. I don't really think any bot program will ever have the ability to never get stuck.

    I was however disappointed in the fact that none of the dozens of routes that come with the bot have repair or mail routes attached. I had to add a small repair and mail route. Wasn't difficult but would of been nice if they had them already included.

    For the next part of the review, I decided to create my own gathering route. I found the Shadowbot Wiki as well as the 'how to videos' that are available extremely helpful. In about 5 minutes I was able to create my own route. Luckily it has a very intuitive interface with not too many options.


    As with everything so far with Shadowbot, it comes with routes for Horde and Alliance battlegrounds. For some reason, they seem to have skipped 2. Unsure as to why, but all of the main ones are available on the forums. Again, I have to download to my local machine rather then use the gathering type interface that downloads it automatically. Still not sure why the do not have the ability for all of its modules.

    After selecting the 'call of arms' battle ground route and clicking the start button Shadowbot chose the correct BG to join and waiting to queue. After a couple minutes it joined the battleground as expected.

    For the review, I used a level 35 hunter that had terrrrrrrible gear and really had no business being near a BG. But a test is a test.

    After running around for a bit the bot finally got into combat. It seemed a little slow to get itself into combat but once started it did a proper use of my spells and abilities. I would have liked to see a crisper combat system is the only thing I can say about it. It seemed to work for what my gear level is (DPS wise).

    Other then the slow combat start, I like the look and feel of the PvP module. Looks very 'human' in movement and by using its 'random hotspot' route system it never went the same way twice.


    Oddly enough Shadowbot does do fishing in the traditional sense. But it appears that you can only fish at Schools and while on a route. I created a route using the gathering module that traveled around the water until it found a school of fish. It fished until the school was gone and moved on.

    Not sure as to why there is not a 'stand' and fish. I suppose if you’re only wanting a certain type of fish then it would work? Unsure.


    Support - After looking through the forums on both Shadowbot and Pocket Gnome I think the guys that are running / supporting these things are top notch. All of the issues or questions I had were answered immediately. So from a support aspect it is great (while testing the gathering I had a issue with the blacklisting. Posted my issue on the forums and had an admin who I didn't know help me over Skype). Other bots I have tried to get support for were mediocre at best.

    Usability – Very easy to use application. Was pretty intuitive to setup and use.

    Functionality – Other then the odd slowness to start combat in PvP, I think it functions great. Gathering, leveling and PvP. I would highly suggest that you remove any and all add-ons before using this bot.



    • 100% Passive
    • Looks and feels like a person playing rather then a bot (less bottish?)
    • Auto mail, auto purchase food / drink, auto repair, auto train at trainer and auto vendors as needed
    • Integrated behaviors for all class's and specs
    • Predefined Gathering and Leveling routes
    • Excellent support
    • Tons of documentation
    • Intuitive Interface
    • Advanced users can write their own behaviors if wanted


    • PvP start combat is slow
    • No archeology module
    • Because it scans the screen you cannot have any add-ons that interfere with the screen (bag add-ons etc.)
    • Requires regional keyboard settings to be set to ENGLISH US (might be a problem for some folks in other countries?)
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    1. Sklug's Avatar
      Sklug -
      Seems pretty good, but I can't get past feeling like it looks exactly ripped from the original Sgather makers. I mean, maybe my memory is off cause that was years ago, but I thought sgather went Free to pay, then they changed it to MyWOW -- and that ground profile and flyer profile look literally identical.

      Anyway, I could just have a rusty memory. Overall I definitely like the completely passive aspect of it. While generally you don't have to worry about memory injection if you have something that monitors warden scans, you never know how much smarter blizz is getting behind the scenes at fighting against bots and finding things on us, this at least keeps you 100% clean guaranteed with exception to direct player to player reporting, and the price point of a one-time $25 is pretty good.
    1. jumperu's Avatar
      jumperu -
      Shadowbot is the only World of Warcraft bot that is 100% passive out of the box
      LazyBot is also 100% passive, open-source and free bot. So, remove the "only" :P
    1. DarkLinux's Avatar
      DarkLinux -
      So is this JuJuBoSc mmolazy ShadowBot? I know he calls it something new..

      http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/worl...ot-review.html (ShadowBot Review)
    1. Jokur's Avatar
      Jokur -
      Quote Originally Posted by jumperu View Post
      LazyBot is also 100% passive, open-source and free bot. So, remove the "only" :P
      Hey there! CTM is used for Lazybot. So actually, its not 100% passive. Just so we are clear

      @Darklinux - Read the top of the review. We bought Shadowbot code from Juju last year. They abandoned the passive project.

      Thank you !

    1. Jokur's Avatar
      Jokur -
      Also note, since the review stand alone fishing has been introduced as well. We have addressed the slow PvP etc when going into combat and is simply Epic to watch now.

      If anyone has any questions, please feel free to hit me up here or on the SB forums @ Shadow Bot - World of Warcraft bot for windows!
    1. DarkLinux's Avatar
      DarkLinux -
      Yup I guess I could read a little more... Its a little long for me XD and Ctrl F did not find me JuJuBoSc's name. Should of looked for mmolazy ops lols.

      Also Lazybot did not have CTM enabled by default the last time I used it. I had to go into the settings to enable it, and when I did it told me the dangers of writing to memory. Anyways... still looks koolz
    1. naimc93's Avatar
      naimc93 -
      Using this bot now, it is so awesome! Recommended to all to use this bot for leveling and even gathering prof items.
    1. bgr's Avatar
      bgr -
      I would invest in this if the bot supported PVP as one of it's main features. The $18.00 pricing of the bot is ridiculous without a chance to try it first. And that is WITH the discount.
    1. Jokur's Avatar
      Jokur -
      umm.. PvP is one of its core features. As I stated earlier, since the review we took the comments to heart and made some great changes to the PvP aspect of the bot. But your comments are appreciated!

    1. Teh Canadian's Avatar
      Teh Canadian -
      Great Bot. Great community. I have been using all of the Pocket Gnome and Shadow Bot which is provided by this great group of individuals. I recommend.

    1. rek1292's Avatar
      rek1292 -
      I recommend this bot to anyone who is iffy about it. Don't hesitate, it's well worth the money. You won't regret it.

      - Rich
    1. beebo1212's Avatar
      beebo1212 -
      I just bought this program and its nice and easy to use its worth the money. I already got to 50 with this bot and its great so fair.

      Thanks KuRIoS for posting this bot
    1. linusman216's Avatar
      linusman216 -
      Bot works perfectly, it looks like you're playing it yourself, random jumping and you actually doing damage in the Battlegrounds.
      Great support aswell from the Administrators if you're having an issue with the bot!
      It's worth the money totally!
    1. Tanaris4's Avatar
      Tanaris4 -
      If you guys do run into any issues, please please don't hesitate to PM us!! We constantly want to improve it We're pretty proud of where it is today. Can't wait to add pathing/questing

      Also, for those worried about it taking control of your mouse, our next release will give you an option to prevent this (probably not for vista users right away though)
    1. imdasandman's Avatar
      imdasandman -
      wow looks nice I just might have to give it a whirl
    1. symons's Avatar
      symons -
      Purchased the bot this afternoon and after some initial confusion the bot is running flawlessly! Seems to mimic human behaviour quite well and the pathing is pretty on the money. With the support guys being so readily available to help I'm pretty sure it can only get better. Excellent so far.
    1. Lutausis's Avatar
      Lutausis -
      just my 2 leecher cents, decided to give it a shot today, bought it and after 5 mins my character was already mining and herbing
      i had a small problem (with the regional settings) and decided to ask Jokur for help. he instantly replied me, and we had a chat on skype, fixed the issue in 2 mins and now my tauren is not only farming but fighting aswell top quality customer support and really good product!
    1. mnogodobaracc's Avatar
      mnogodobaracc -
      1 month = $7.99 USD
      3 months = $20.97 USD ($6.99 /month)
      6 months = $35.94 USD ($5.99 /month)
      ALL subscriptions auto renew each period.

      is there an option to cancel subscription easily, or you have to write tickets to support or something similar?
    1. Jokur's Avatar
      Jokur -
      All subscriptions are controlled by Paypal. You would stop your subscription within Paypal!

      Hit me up if you have any more questions !

      Quote Originally Posted by mnogodobaracc View Post
      1 month = $7.99 USD
      3 months = $20.97 USD ($6.99 /month)
      6 months = $35.94 USD ($5.99 /month)
      ALL subscriptions auto renew each period.

      is there an option to cancel subscription easily, or you have to write tickets to support or something similar?
    1. mnogodobaracc's Avatar
      mnogodobaracc -
      @ Jokur, what if we (I) got no paypal?
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