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    Searching WoW forums

    While attempting to use the poorly designed search interface that was given to us on the forums, I stumbled upon:

    PLEASE improve forum search - Forums - World of Warcraft


    I find this guide to be extremely useful and would like to share with the rest of the mmowned community! This is probably especially useful for searching the guild recruitment forum to find people who match your raid times and days.

    To search within a forum, simply include the forumId field in the query string.

    forumId:1025939 search

    Forum ID list:
    Customer Support 1011699
    Service Status 1011700
    Technical Support 1011701
    Mac Technical Support 1011702
    Bug Report 1012660
    General Discussion 984270
    Oceanic General Discussion 1011641
    Guild Recruitment 1011639
    Story Forum 1011638
    Raid and Guild Leadership 2187372
    World's End Tavern 1011637
    New Player Help and Guides 1011644
    Quests 1011692
    Professions 1011647
    Dungeons and Raids 1011645
    Achievements and Guild Advancement 1011646
    UI and Macro 1011693
    Arenas 1011696
    Battlegrounds 1011697
    Damage Dealing 1033924
    Healing 1033925
    Tanking 1033926

    ...and the many class & realm forums which you can get the id simply by getting the numbers at the end of the url either by mousing over the link or visiting it. This can be done the same for EU forums as well.

    The following example shows a query of documents created in the last two weeks.

    createdAt:[NOW-14DAY/DAY TO NOW/DAY+1DAY]

    For now, you have to do a chain of author:name queries for the blue posters you are looking for, which is kind of ugly. I'm looking at ways of improving this.

    (author:Straton OR author:Lylirra)

    You can either use the author:xxx field to search for posts or use the link provided next to a poster's name that says "show posts". Once you are on that search result page then just add whatever it is you want to search for to the search field.

    author:Straton search

    You can exclude types or terms by using a minus sign in the query.

    Consider this search for the term mace.


    And then an alternative that includes all types except for forum posts.

    mace AND -(typeost)
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