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    Yet another "Glory of the Cataclysm Hero"-Guide

    Greetings, fellow users.

    Since I am around for quite a while now without contributing anything, I decided to write yet another guide for the Glory of the Cataclysm Hero achievment.
    I know there are already two or three guides around, but strategies differ as do playstyles and group setups and this might give you the opportunity to choose what fits best.
    The information provided bases on personal expirience and Intrawebz-knowledge. Anything I did not make up myself will be credited properly so no one can call me copy-cat or whatever.

    If you dislike my thread, do not read it and obviously do not waste time to tell me how stupid it is.
    If you have better strats and want to provide them, I will be happy to edit my post and credit you!

    And finally: As I am from Germany, please do not be too hard on me for my english. Though I suppose you will understand most of the stuff that is written here.

    Without further ado, let's go!

    Our Group Setup: Pally Tank, Resto Druid, Demo/Affli Warlock, Enh Shaman and MM/Surv Hunter – all of us with crafted and rep epics, other item slots equipped with heroic and few nonheroic blues. We currently have about 2/3 of the achievs acquired without really going for it hard.

    Blackrock Caverns:

    Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls
    Let him smash 10 Angered Elementals with the Skullcracker ability
    Me as a Pally Tank, I tanked all the elementals that spawned and used GoAK and Divine Protection while standing in front of the boss when he used his Skullcracker ability – no problem imo. Your Tank should do something similar - Note, this technique might require decent gearing.

    Arrested Development
    Let the Adds pop one at a time and give your Healer the time to top everyone off before letting the next add evolve. Make sure to interrupt the boss AND the adds. Again, decent gear and timing required.

    Karsh Steelbender
    Too Hot to Handle
    This one requires timing and decent gear. Beat him down as fast as possible, but dont kill him before he reached 15 Stacks of the debuff. Make sure to use cooldowns wisely and have your healer equipped adequatly.

    Lord Obsidius
    Ascendant Descending
    Have someone with awesome kiting abilities with you (Surv Hunter, Frost Mage, Enh Shaman…) so that this person kites the adds without letting them reach him -> no stacks, go go achievement. Let the kiting DDealer pull and have the tank taunt the boss of him.


    Throne of Tides:

    Lady Nazjar
    Old Faithful
    Kill one of the adds with the Geyser ability. Beat one of the Caster Adds down to like 50% and CC it. Then have everyone stand inside it, so that the Geyser will be put underneath the add.

    Prince of Tides
    Do not kill the Behemoth Add. Tank it through phase 1 and 2 and then just kill it as soon as you are big. Not much else to say.


    Vortex Pinnacle:

    Extra Credit Bonus Stage
    Collect 5 Golden Orbs (they are floating in the air). Note: There are different spawning locations.
    Credit to Ushikawa from for this one:
    1 & 2: Just off the edge of the platform with the hurricane orbs, shortly after Grand Vizier Ertan. Simply jump off the side and click them.
    3 & 4: Altairus' room. These must be attained while fighting Altairus, as you will need to use the tornados to reach them. They are on opposite sides of the dome that he is fought in.
    5: Beginning of the final platform that leads to Asaad. Run up the first ramp, after defeating the trash, and go back to the edge of the platform you are now on. Jump off and collect the orb.“

    No Static at All
    Just before he finishes the Static Cling cast have everyone in your group jump up. This way you wont get the debuff. You can also just mash your spacebar throughout the entire fight, but it's not guaranteed to work. This one is individual, so just don't fail yourself and you will get credit.



    Acrocalypse Now
    Have someone kite the adds until you got enough (20) of them, then clump up and nuke them down as fast as you can. The adds are tauntable, so a warrior might be nice to have here - also a firemage to melt the adds within the 10s time window.

    Kill It With Fire!
    Credit to Hothgor from
    When you enter the 'spirit world' at 50%, a Dark Hatchling will spawn. Every few seconds, a soul fragment will spawn that channels a heal on the Dark Hatchling. Let 3 spawn, then move them into the flame patches transforming them into Burning Souls. Kill them and then kill the boss to earn your Achievement!

    Headed South
    Credit to Rizhna on
    If you kill the last add spawned, the boss engages. This means, you kill the last add, get a buff, the healer heals up so everything is under control, then you kill any of the two remaining adds. That means 20 sec + with 2 stack, and the ability to DPS the boss. When you have some time left on the debuff, kill the last add, and then finally kill the boss.

    After we realised this, we had 20 seconds + on the debuff when the boss went down.

    You don't even need to damage the boss down at all, just place the clouds in good positions until the third add spawns.


    Halls of Origination:

    I Hate That Song
    Make sure everyone is prepared to jump down as soon as the boss starts to sing. Have the tank jump down with the weakest AoE DD on the one side, all the others take on the other side. Make sure to click the lever asap and manage the snakes, so they do not interupt the cast. Easy one imo.

    Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
    Clear the trash in front of him, then jump on a camel (they are standing left and right to the big stairs). You can cast while moving when you are on a camel, so just dont stand in those ground effects (quicksand and the spike-thing). Also, easy one…

    Sun of a....
    Interupt Conjure Flaming orb and Inferno leap, so Rajh won’t run out of energy. Dps him down as fast as you can. Tanking him far away from the middle oft he room might give you some extra time to kill him. 10-15k Dps is advisable for this one.

    Faster than the speed of Light
    You need to clear the Vault of light within 5 minutes after entering the dungeon.
    After you talked to Brann you got approx 4 Min and 50 Sec to kill all 4 Mini-Bosses (Elementals) and have Anraphet clear the Vault of Lights. So after talking to Brann, start moving immediatly. Try skipping Trogg packs an take out the Elementals while moving towards the next one (start moving with them around 30% or so)


    Shadowfang Keep:

    Baron Ashbury
    Pardon Denied
    Simply make sure to interrupt Stay of Execution. The boss always casts this after lifting you up with his Asphyxiate ability.
    Make sure the tank is getting healed though, because he will be down to 1% hp. Also, do not forget to interrupt his other abilities.
    2-3 People with interruption skills are advisable and make sure to define a rotation for your interupts - or just use teamspeak or whatever you prefer to tell when kick or silencing shot are on cooldown and when they are up again.

    Commander Springvale
    To the Ground!
    Credit to Zota on
    1. CC the 2 adds next to the boss
    2. Quickly kite the boss all the back way to the entrance (the upstairs hallway leading to the first boss is far enough)
    3. No adds will follow you, just kill the boss and collect your achievement

    Lord Godfrey
    Bullet Time
    Tank him towards the wall, right before he uses his Pistol Barrage he will spawn ghouls around him. Do not AoE around the boss, so he will always kill the 3-4 in front of him. Do this until he killed 12 of them. This is how we did it. Make sure your DPS does not kill him before you killed enough Ghouls.



    High Priestress Azil
    Rotten to the Core
    Having 2 Pally tanks is nice for this one, but not needed. Pull every single add in front of the boss, clump up, have some ranged DD attack the boss (Hunter with misdirection is nice for this) and use every cooldown you have… you will probably wipe, but you only want to kill the adds while you are in combat with Azil, you do not have to defeat her in that moment.


    Grim Batol:

    Umbrage for Umbriss
    Fight him as you usually do, but have one of the purple Troggs CCed throughout the fight. On 10% or 5% or so, kill the CCed Trogg next to the boss, then kill the boss.

    Don't Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet
    Use every slowing mechanic you have tot he max for this one, there is not much else to say. Have the best DD/Slow solo for one add. You can’t fear, root, stun or CC the adds, so its simply up to your DPSers to manage this.



    Ready for Raiding
    In phase 2, when the boss starts levitating just do not stand inside the fire-waltz. Walk with it, do not run into it and kill the boss - also watch out for the elemental adds, they might kill your healer.

    Rat Pack
    Kill 20 Rats. They spawn after his Oaf bashed someone into the trees. Stand next to the teleporter (as it is there where the rats will spawn) and beat the rats down. You do not have to kill 20 of them in one DM session, the counter works for multiple attempts.

    Foe Reaper 5000
    Prototype Prodigy
    Do not use the Prototype Reaper (the machine someone uses to manage the adds) on trash. Clear the trash, have someone but the tank or heal jump in it and let him or her manage the adds down the ramp. The boss will be tanked up on the ramp just where the ramp stops. DPS him down fast enough and you will get this achiev.

    It's Frost Damage
    You do not need to kill the boss to get this achievement. I do not really know what the best strat is for this one, but two things come to my mind. Have a WL CC 2 Vapors (banish and fear) as soon as they are getting big. As the third one grows, break fear and unbanish the other add, have a pally use his bubble and let the other members of your group die from Coalesce.

    Strat #2 (Credit to gherkin from
    Someone must be alive at the end of all 3, which is difficult because of the Cone of Cold's being cast. All you need to do is have someone survive through to the end, which(…) includes Ice Block, Divine Shield, or simply line of sighting them long enough and surviving (which is how I got mine tonight).

    I'm on a Diet
    Do not eat/use the rotten food, only the shiny food and kill cookie. We got this one without aiming for it - because naturally you do not want to eat rotten stuff.


    That's it. I will do my best to maintain this post.

    I wish you good luck and lots of fun getting your beautiful Volcanic Stone Drake

    Thanks for reading!

    12-30 Initial Release - killing those nasty typos
    01-02 Coloring + Linking
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    Well done.
    Although, there's lots of information on the Internet already about these encounters.

    Small guide:
    - Wowhead: Flagged for awesome.
    - Type in the achievement in the search field (the one you're aiming for)
    - Press "Comments"
    - Have fun!
    Last edited by Raage; 12-30-2010 at 01:51 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raage View Post
    Well done.
    there's lots of information on the Internet already about these encounters.
    You are absolutly correct and this is how I used to find out about those achievements up until now. I was tired of tabbing out and looking through the comments for each achievement.
    So I decided to collect the strats that I could not make up myself and bundle them.

    Now me and my fellow group members can say "okay, what achievs do we have in dungeon X and how do they work" without working to much on the research.
    Convenience and time-saving -that's basically what has driven me to write all this down.

    Also, you can read through all required strats and say "okay, this one is easy, I will to exactly this" without checking all of them beforehand and deciding afterwarts "yeah, that one I read about 20 minutes ago, I guess that could work out... nah, gotta read it again."

    My point is that I simply wanted to do the work for people they would have to do themselves else. I guess that is the point of writing guides and trying to help out... ^^

    But thank you for showing people how to find out things themselves, I always appreciate this way of thinking.

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    Would be much nicer to read if you added some colours among the text. Not to shiny nor to dark. Otherwise, quite a awesome guide, sadly I've done all the achievements
    with the help of the other Glory guide that is posted on the forums.

    +Rep for your effort anyhow.

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    Thanks for your feedbak, greeko.
    I just did the coloring and linking - So if my strategies are crap, people can now easily shift over to wowhead, directly to the specific achievment to check the comments there

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    Appreciate the guide aswell as the links to wowhead saves me bit of time of searching



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