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    Tips on Archaeology


    On my way to 525 Archaeology and in the hunt for artifacts, did i find some cool tips that i wanted to share.

    Tip 1: There is a "drop chance" to be able to solve the rare artifacts.
    The more wanted and higher level archaeology skills it demands the lesser chance is there to be able to solve it.

    Tip 2: If you want the higher level artifacts like:
    Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds

    Then you don't want to keep trying to get troll fragments and hope you'll get to solve it. Because there is a level limit before you can solve it!

    Tip 3: Stay in Azeroth!
    Most people urge to get to Outland and Northrend when they reach 300. That's stupid. Outland and Northrend is too big and will take too long time. Also the rare rewards from the Orc, Draenei, Vrykull and Nerubian factions are lame and there's no need for them.

    Tip 4: The fastest part of Azeroth to level in is:
    Eastern Kingdoms. Why?
    1: Because the most digsites in Eastern Kingdoms are Troll, Dwarf and fossils.
    2: You can use zepplins from Orgrimmar to: Strangelthorn Vale, Tirisfal Glades and portal to Twilight Highlands.

    So you can be doing 2-4 digsites in Strangelthorn Vale and then just use Hearthstone and use portal to Twilight Highlands if there's some digsites in middle of Eastern Kingdoms or use zepplin to Undercity for the top part of Eastern Kingdoms.

    Tip 5: Fastest leveling after skill level 100 is by solving troll fragments. The only rare you can solve in Troll faction is Zin'rokh that you will only be able to do in 450+. Therefore no rares you need to solve that cost 100 fragments to move on with the leveling.

    Hope you enjoy it!

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    We already have an Archaeology Tips thread just below yours.



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