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    LF Help on Druid Forms

    So.. Druid forms with respect to macro conditionals have changed a lot over the years..

    They used to be considered Stances.. & could be used with
    Stance:1 Stance:2 Stance:3
    Then there was a time they could be used as
    Form:! Form:2 Form:3
    Lately it seems like people are recommending the straight up Spell Names..

    But none of it seems to work :-/

    I want to setup a macro to shift me to Moonkin Form when I'm playing Balance from any other form..

    I've got no form working that's still simply
    /cast [noform]
    But all the stances I try aren't working..

    Anybody know what they are ?

    I even tried the very sloppy
    /cast [Bear Form, Cat Form, Noform, Travel Form]

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    Your post is either really confusing or I get you wrong...
    Your only goal is that the macro switches you into Moonkin Form? No matter which form you‘re currently in?
    Simply rebind the stancebar (Moonkin Form) and there you go!
    Then you don‘t need a macro.
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    This is what I use on my Guardian Druid

    This is bound to my E key
    /cast [form:2] Shred; [form:1,nomod:shift] Mangle; [form:1,mod:shift] Thrash; [form:0/3/4/5] Bear Form
    /startattack [noform:0/3/4/5]

    The first command is /cast [form:2] Shred so if I am in form 2 or Cat form it shows and casts Shred then ; (semi-colon) is the divider for the next part if I am not in Cat form.
    /cast is implied so if [form:1,nomod:shift] or Bear form and not holding the modifier key shift it will show on the button and cast the spell mangle. (again semi-colon)
    Again /cast is implied [form:1,mod:shift] or Bear form with modifier key shift held it casts Thrash.
    [form:0/3/4/5] Bear Form = if in Form 0 (caster form), Form 3 (Travel form), Form 4 (Tree form) or Form 5 (Stag) it will switch me to Bear Form.
    Lastly /startattack [noform:0/3/4/5] will start autoattacks if not in Forms 0 (caster form), Form 3 (Travel form), Form 4 (Tree form) or Form 5 (Stag) - So if In Bear or Cat form.

    And this one is bound to my Q key

    /cast [form:0/4/5] Regrowth; [form:1,nomod:shift] Maul; [form:1,mod:shift] Swipe; [form:2] Swipe; [form:3] Bear Form;

    My Moonfire macro is bound to my middle mouse button and is as follows:

    #showtooltip Moonfire(Lunar)
    /cast [noform:1] Bear Form
    /cast Moonfire(Lunar)

    #ahowtooltip Moonfire(Lunar) Forces the tooltip to always be the Moonfire icon and tooltip (otherwise it would show the bear form spell since it is first)
    /cast [noform:1] Bear Form Tells it if I am not in Bear Form to switch to Bear form first
    /cast Moonfire(Lunar) Now cast Moonfire

    Please note: it seems that the Forms (or you can use Stance as well) start from left to right on the Forms/Stances bar except for caster form always being 0
    Your forms numbers can be different depending on your spec and what books you have learned from the vendor in your Legion druid class hall. The vendor sells books to learn the Stag form Form as a separate Form icon from Travel Form for example which is nice if you have the glyph of the cheetah so you can still switch to Stag form if you want to carry someone. I don't play Moonkin so I'm not sure which number you would use for it but it is easy enough to count over and choose the number from your Forms bar and you can always just make a simple macro and test it like /cast [noform 4] Moonkin Form and it should switch to Moonkin if you aren't already in it.

    Sorry for the longwinded and kind of scattered explaination - hope it helps someone

    Good Luck. =)

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