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    [Bug][Quest] The Fall of Shai Hu

    Currently in Kun'Lai Summit there is a quest where you have to kill an elite and it's called The Fall of Shai Hu. In this quest, you get a minion who heals you whenever you get really low on health while trying to kill this guy. Well it just so happens I was able to make 2 more of this guy while I was on the quest, and all three of them healed me, healing me for full instead of the 34k he usually heals.

    How I did this was I was in queue for a dungeon and it popped right before I went to attack the guy I was supposed to kill. I took it, and got Stormstout Brewery, and decided to leave because I didn't want to do that instance. Well, when I reappeared a noticed that I had three minions instead of just one. This also works while queuing for battlegrounds, and I am pretty sure this is not working as intended. Like I said, all three of the mobs were healing. I didn't try going into another instance to see if 2 more would spawn because I didn't want to wait 30 minutes for another queue to pop.

    You can't take him outside the mire area, but it could be useful when mining and herbing because there is a LOT to mine and herb there (just look at my minimap, and they are almost instant respawns so a circle around the mire would yield a lot of ore/herbs), and with full heals it will cut downtime by a lot.

    Here are some screenshots of proof that I had three of these guys.

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