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    [GIT GUD] HunterHero's guide to Vanilla v2

    Back before Kronos II came out I made a general guide for vanilla, and now that Nostalrius is coming back I'd like to revise and update a few things in the guide. If there's a demand for it then I'll post a guide on how to get a lot of gold at level 60.

    "Why should I play on a vanilla server HH?"
    Vanilla servers are for people who want the old experience and probably do better than they did back on retail. Vanilla wow isn't for people who want an easy leveling experience, easy raiding experience and easy pvp. Vanilla WoW is a closed bubble that hasn't really changed since it expanded to TBC so it's been perfected (also called "MinMax'd"). If you're into getting the best gear, and maxing your character out then it's up your alley. PvP in Vanilla is pretty cool in terms of all the active trinkets you can use, like you can use 20 different trinkets for PvP that counters shadow priests, mages etc. Raids like ZG, MC and BWL can be pretty simple and can be perfected over a short amount of time. Raids like AQ and Naxx40 was the worst though. Getting the resistance gear was a pain in itself but Naxx was only cleared by 23 guilds back in vanilla. Only 23 guilds in the time it was there. Nihilum cleared it first and the second guild to clear it was 6 months after them. Freaking 6 months. Only ~900 guilds managed to kill ONE boss in naxx.

    "B-b-b-b-but... what if the server is taken down?"
    Well that's the risk of playing on private servers.
    Servers hosted in Russia doesn't really get taken down, but servers in the EU might at some time. They might pop up back again (Nostalrius etc.).

    "What class should I play HH?"
    Maaaan... That depends on what you want to do! Vanilla WoW is in a fixed place, so there isn't really any changes to classes since there's no patches. So first you need to think about what you want to do in vanilla. Do you want to raid, pvp or something all different or a bit or both? Then check your options! There's about a hundred videos on class guides on Youtube and heck there's even guides for "What should I play in Vanilla?".

    Once you've found out your class then you should look up guides for the class and spec. There's a lot guides for each spec on the following forums:

    All these forums have some guides for each class that's been perfected over so many years. The posts might not have updated since 2012-2015, which in my theory is because the guides has reached it's peak of details. Most of these guides have a section about race choice and benefits from it, but the most important parts of the guides is the addons, macro and leveling spec sections.

    "What faction should I play HH?"
    Well what server are you going to play on? Most servers, both PvP and PvE, have a bigger horde population. If it's a PvP server then it's going to be mainly horde due to their OP racials in PvE and PvP. There's going to be a lot of shamans, and there's going to be a lot of paladins on the server since it's only available to one faction. If you don't want to be ganked all the damn time then don't play alliance, cause 70% of the horde side is undead and 70% of the undead play rogue. You know the drill. Your profession goals also affects your choice on faction. If you want to be a herbalist then you should probably pick the most populated faction, so you don't get ganked when gathering those black lotus.

    Leveling spec, addons and macros
    Leveling spec
    See what the class guides suggest and STICK WITH THAT. Don't change halfway or before you get a major power spike by getting aimed shot or dual wield etc.
    Also don't respec before level 60. It costs way too much and you need the gold for spells and mounts.

    Addons are suggest en masse in class guides so see what addons they suggest. Many of them are basic like xperl for decorating your UI to your liking. But essential class addons like auto shot timers, dot trackers, buff trackers, totem timers are there too. A bunch of addons also replaces spells you'd use as example a hunter. You can get an addon that does the same as Beast Lore, but also shows you if there's pets in the zone you're in, that has an ability you want/need. That saves you gold in the long run!

    "So what addons should I get even though I'm not sure of my class HH?"
    Addons can be found at wow.titus.me or on the Nostalrius forum.

    Leveling General UI Class PvE PvP
    Questie Informant OneBag SHunter Timers BigWigs TrinketMenu
    VanillaGuide EnhToolTips Bongos / Bartender rais_AutoShot Decursive Decursive
    vQueue Aux-Master xPerl / Luna Unit Frames GFW_HuntersHelper DamageMeters / DPSMate EnemyFrames
    MailTo Atlas + AtlasLoot RogueSpam MobHealth
    ImprovedErrorFrames MetaMap Necrosis
    LazyPig EquipCompare
    Ace + Ace2

    Best of the best:
    1. Informant - Shows statistics about items
    2. Enhtooltips - Gives you value of items you have in your bags (requires Stubby addon to work).
    3. Aux-master - It's an AH addon that gives the same possibilties like retail/live AH addons. It's not like TSM3 but it's as close as you can get, and the best AH addon for vanilla as of yet.
    4. Questie - One of the most important addons for vanilla. It shows where quest objectives are.
    5. Vanillaguide - It's Joana's 1-60 guide made into an addon like Zygor's.
    6. MailTo - Makes mailing so much easier and you can bulk mail items instead of just 1 per mail. It will send multiple mails with one item, but it'll be easier and save you time.
    7. OneBag - Just makes the bag ui better
    8. vQueue - Not many use it but it's like dungeon finder for vanilla. You can also just use world chat or whatever is on your sever.
    9. ImprovedErrorFrame - A LOT of addon errors happen in vanilla and it's annoying with that pop up all the time.
    10. Bongos - My go to action bar addon that feels most like bartender in my experience.

    Macros can make a big difference depending on your class and spec. There's plenty of macros in the class guides on the vanilla forums. I'd advise hunters to look for a engage combat macro that sends in pet your pet and casts Hunter's Mark. For warlocks there are macros to drain soul and move the soul shard into your soul shard bag.

    "How do I enough gold for spells and mount HH?"
    Don't buy spells you don't need
    Now most of the people who's tried vanilla knows this. You should never learn all your spells immediately. You don't need that rank 2 or 3 of raptor strike when all you're doing is auto shotting. You don't need that Conjure Mana Crystal spell when you conjure bags of water. You don't need to learn mail right when you hit 40 or to learn track elementals/giants/whatever. Get what you need.

    Use the right addons, get good bags and hoard like a hoarder
    Get informant and EnhToolTips (along with Stubby to make it work). When most people loot, they only get quest items, potions, cloth, greens/blues/epics etc. But leave out the grey and white trash items. Some take some of it but they pick the wrong things and then don't think it's worth it. You're going to be farming a lot of mobs for quests and a lot of them actually drop some good trash items that sell well. With the two addons you can see what's worth most to vendor, and then keep that instead of the items like Large Fang that only give you 7 copper.

    Get some 8-10 slot bags when you reach 15-20 or as fast as you can. The more space you got the more gold you can carry in items. You can also see what trash items stacks the most and figure whether it's worth keeping 5x Soft Bushy Tail that'll be worth ~37s or those 10 scales that'll be worth 50s.

    Make a bank alt
    Probably everyone has made a bank alt at some point. Make a human/orc and run to SW/Org and keep it there at the mailbox. Send some bags to it and then keep sending all the items you want to sell on the AH. It'll save you a lot of time and money compared to flying back and forth to major cities when your bags are filled with silk cloth. So once in a while when you're at a city with a mailbox, send whatever you have to your alt and then sell it through that one.

    "What should I farm HH?"
    It depends on what your professions and goals are. If you're skinning then beasts are often more profitable. If you're tailoring then humanoids would probably be better because of cloth drop. Beasts tend to have more grey items of lower vendor value, where humanoids have cloth drop, uncommon/rare/epic drop along with okay grey drops with low drop chance, along with they also drop liquid cash.

    Items to sell for early gold
    Getting gold in the early levels (prior to level 20) is not gonna be fast or easy, but once you get higher levels, you'll get more gold. Here's some items to keep in your bags to sell on the AH:
    1. Cloth. It's pretty basic but everyone needs all types of cloth, though linen and wool don't sell for much later on when the server has been there for some time.
    2. Greens and blues. Almost all greens can be sold on the AH for a profit, some more than others. Look up the value of the item via your bank alt, db.vanillagaming.org or addon tooltips if it's scanned it before.
    3. Potions! Even low level potions like the healing potion are worth something since you'll need them for quests later on in 30-40+.
    4. Profession items. If you're a gatherer with mining/herb/skinning and don't have a crafting profession then sell the items you gather. Crafting professions cost money and you won't be able to craft anything (besides savory deviate delight) that'll earn you something prior to late game.
    5. Quest rewards! With the addons I suggested you can see the vendor value. If you can't use any of the items from quest rewards or they aren't worth using, then pick the one with most vendor value and sell it.

    Do PVP!
    Getting Sergeant rank (Rank 3) gives you 8g discount on your mount, which is a lot when you need spells too. 8g is roughly a level worth of gold gathered in junk, greens and cloth. So it'll get you your mount a level quicker. Now on Kronos, there's no BGs from 30-59, so you need to do this before 30. People rush for mounts and 60, but twink in 19 and 29. So get yourself to rank 3 and then do some light wpvp while you level to keep your standing. You need about 150 HK's to get yourself to rank 3. To get an idea of your ranking use this script:

    /script P=(math.floor(GetPVPRankProgress(target)*10000))/100 W=UnitPVPRank("player") N=(W-6)*5000+5000*P/100 Q=(W-5)*5000-N*0.8 SendChatMessage("Rank progress: "..P.."% ".."Current RP: "..N.." RP to next rank: "..Q.."","emote")

    "I want to do raiding so what's that like HH?"
    Raiding can be fun but can also be boring as hell. It depends on what class you play. Each class really only have 1-2 specs that's viable in raids, so you won't really see any boomkins in raids (unless the rest of your guild knows what they're doing and you've been clearing content for months). I'll be going over each class and what they do in raiding and my own thoughts on playing them.

    You're going to play resto, unless you're lucky to play feral tank as off tank. All the tier sets for druids are made for healing and you'll be forced to play resto as a druid in raid. A bunch of druid players tend to only play resto in raids to play pvp with decent gear. Once in a full moon you'll maybe be able to play as a off tank in raids once your guild is fully geared.

    Hunters need to keep their rotation up, ress up your pets since they die all the time, keep/buy a lot of food before raids along with ammo. Other than that hunters don't got much responsibility in raids except for the occassional kiting of zulian tigers or using tranq shot. It's decent to play in raids and not that boring but you are going to wait a long time before getting gear, due to rogues and warriors will get priority of gear over you.

    Mages in raids are pretty damn boring, if not the most boring class to play in raids. All you can play is frost spec since fire dmg doens't really work in MC. So all you do is casting frost bolt. Yes only frost bolt. And then you make a lot of water, portals and keep buffs up. That's it. I would not recommend playing mage unless you want to farm gold or do PvP, then you can do raids to get decent gear. Personally I wouldn't recommend playing mages for raids.

    Rogues are decent to play in raids. There's a bit of preparation like hunters where you need poisons and etc. You'll be topping the dmg meters along with mages and you'll get priority on loot. The rest of your play time you'll be ganking people in world pvp. The rotation is simple but not that boring really.

    You're going to be a healer and a buffer.
    Paladins only do healing in vanilla raiding unless your guild is fully geared then you can off tank dungeons and raids for aoe.

    As a priest you'll be removing debuffs, keeping shields up and healing.
    There's rarely space for a shadow priest if ever since there's a maximum of debuff slots on bosses, and they can't be wasted on your silly shadow debuffs.

    Shamans are like druids and paladins in raiding. You'll be playing resto and healing your ass off.
    You gotta keep totems up, buffs up, cleansing totems and of course heal.

    As a warlock you'll be dotting, summoning people and draining mobs of their souls. You'll have to farm a lot of soul shards before raids.
    You won't be fighting a lot of classes for gear which will gear you up fast.

    Oh boy. You want to dps or you want to tank and it'll require A LOT of time.
    You gotta be rich and you gotta love the color red, cause that's what your gear is going to be almost all the time.
    You'll also want to have a lot of time on your hands and patience. Because you'll be farming dungeons day and night to get that Ironfoe if you're dps or those damn resistance items if you're a tank. You'll probably be farming resistance items too as a warrior, cause the off tank might get so tired of playing that the role is passed onto you now.

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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