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    Project I'm Starting

    Well I'm starting a brand new server, but I can't do this alone. I'm a good Lua scripter, and proficient with my GM commands and such but really I'm constantly waiting for ArcEmu, using unstable cores, can't handle all the work.

    The server will have a clean database. You will start at level 20 and work your way to 90. Instead of having shitty questlines with no storys, the whole thing will be heavly based around stories and just make sense. No "malls" with "Tier 9 vendor" or bullshit like that...

    I'd also like to clarify: NOTHING WILL BE UBER EASY. I dont wnt OP gear, or bland gear with 100 of three stats. When I say item creator, I probably only want you if you're a rank 4 or higher on WoW-V.

    Item Developers - 0/2
    Basicly someone that designs and creates items here on and shows them to the admins. If they are approved they will be queried to the DB. The items must be blizzlike with item level of 219, 226, 232, 245, 258 or higher. Requires knowledge of item balancing and budgeting.

    Core Developers - 0/3
    A core developer, obviously, developes the core. This spot requires experience in developing a core, you must have made part in developing any of the major cores (ArcEmu, Ascent, MaNGOS, MaNGOS Trinity, Ascent) or a private but powerful/stable/very blizzlike core. Requires vast knowledge of SQL and C++ programming. You need proof.

    Concept Designers - 0/5
    A concept designers creates item sets, get the models and match them together. They get ideas and use them as best they can. Concept designers also plan out custom instances (such as the plot and history of them, and the surroundings/environment). Requires possession of WoW Model Viewer 6.0.3 and above.

    Gameobject Developers - 0/3
    Requires experience in creating extensive custom citys, towns or events. Must know how to create a custom gameobject, spawn a custom gameobject and have proof. Optional: Possesses knowledge of gameobject LUA or C++.

    GFX Designers - 1/2
    Proof of amazing graphics experience, such as proof of winning a GFX contest. Must have experience in using any Adobe Photoshop program.

    [color="orange"]HERE IS THE APPLICATION.

    Position: Developer

    I. Provide Custom Content:

    - Use a variety of tools to create exclusive custom content for SoS. (Do not release or borrow content from other servers)
    - Use a varity of third party programs to create custom content(GMH,Flex database editor,GM tools)

    II. Handle and manage the community:

    - You must recognize your position as developer.
    - Actively participant on the forums.
    - Manage custom events for the server including, but not limited to: PvP events, stair events and instances.

    III. What is Required of you

    - Proficiency with either GO building, Lua, C++ or item creation
    - Knowledge of SQL
    - Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
    - A strong motivation & high level of commitment
    - Excellent teamwork skills
    - Good knowledge of World of Warcraft
    - Maturity and patience. You may/will be bombarded with requests from the community, but always check with an admin before going through with it. (NOT INCLUDING BUGFIXES)
    - Working Ventrilo (Microphone not needed)
    - No prior history of forging/plagurisizing work.


    - 15 years or older
    - MMORPG working experience.
    - Previous experiene with ArcEmu
    - Strong technical skills

    V. Developer vs. GM

    -Altohugh you are a higher rank than a GM you still must listen to GM's bug reports.
    -If no GM's are online, you MUST act as a GM.
    1. What is your name, your age and your time zone?

    2. Which languages do you speak fluently?

    3. How long have you actively played WoW?

    4. Do you currently play World of Warcraft Retail Servers, or have in the past?

    5. List names you use on other severs.

    6. Have you had previous experience as a Developer? (Your own server that you play on with your friends does not count as GameMaster Experiance)
    Please state Yes or No

    7. If the above (#6) is answered “Yes” please state Server & Time there

    8. Tell us about yourself

    9: What are you best at developing? If "Items", go to 10a. if Lua, go to 10b. If C++, go to 10c. If GO's go to 10d.
    10a: What formula do you use to create Blizzlike items? Show us 10 different items you've created.

    10b: Answer this quiz:

          THIS IS A TEST TO BECOME A DEV ON The Sanctum
    1.)What would be the output of this code?
    --Precondition: x is a variable containing the correct spawn ID
    function Boss_OnEnterCombat(Unit, Event)
       Unit:SendChatMessage(14, 0, "I WILL KILL YOU")
    RegisterUnitEvent(x, 4, "Boss_OnEnterCombat")
    A.)The boss will yell "I WILL KILL YOU" in the universal language, when combat ends
    b.)The boss will say "I WILL KILL YOU" in the universal language, when combat starts
    c.)The boss will yell "I WILL KILL YOU" in common, when combat starts
    d.)The boss will yell "I WILL KILL YOU" in orcish, when combat ends
    e.)A run-time error
    2.)Debug this code
    function Boss_OnEnterCombat (Event, Unit)
       Unit:SendCHatMessage(12, 0, "YOU SUCK!)
       Unit:RegisterEvent("Boss_PhaseOne", 5000, 0)
    function Boss_Phaseone(Unit, Event)
       Unit:SendChatMessage(14, 0,"DIE"
    3.)Which wont cause an error?
       I local s = Unit:SpawnCreature(133701, pPlayer:GetX() + 1, pPlayer:GetY() - 1, pPlayer:GetZ(), pPlayer:GetO(), 90000)
       II local t = {
                   {1, 2, 3}
                   {4, 5, 6}
                   {7, 8, 9}}
       III local v = {}
          print v[1]
       A.)I only
       B.)II only
       C.)III only
       D.)I, II
       E.)II, II
       F.)They all cause error's
    4.) Create a boss script that gets the main tank, stores it to a table, prints his name, then pacifys him. At 50% health the boss should enter a flying phase, where you cant click on him but he will summon NPC's  cast a spell on a random enemy every 12 seconds.

    10c: Show us some work you've done on a core.

    10d: Post some screenshots or videos of places you've built, and then tell us how you build them.

    11: Did you understand your question? If not answer no here instead of guessing, we can then consider you as a "trial dev".

    12: If you are still learning your respective dev type, tell us. Same reason as above.

    13: What is your skill level in scripting your respective dev type?

    14: Do you know MySQL? Prove it.

    15. Why are you applying for the position of Developer?

    16. Why do you believe you would be a good addition to the Sanctum staff?
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    ToDo List

    • Enviorment - 0%
    • Life (NPC's) - 0.5%
    • Raid - Blackwing Lair - 0%
    • Raid - Molten Core - 0%
    • Raid - The Deadmines - 0%
    • Dungeon - Onyxia's Lair - 0%
    • Dungeon - The Ebon Hold - 0%
    • Battleground - Azshara Crater - 0%
    • Class - Dragonsworn - 0%
    • Quests - 0%
    • Items - 0%

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    You should start by having a working website for people to visit.
    im on :stage1:

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    Use the recruitment sticky if your simple recruiting. /closed



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