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    How to use Exile API for Newb ( Like me. )

    Hello Everyone,

    I had trouble to run Exile Api for the simple reason that i am maybe too old / not feeling good with coding / language barrier ( English is not my native language ) so i came here to write a very easy and short guide on how to make it run. And when i open Qvin thread with all theese fancy words like compiling, source, coding, c#, i was so scared i run away.

    Step 1. What to know :

    - ExileApi does not work with Steam version of the game, you should download the game on the officile PoE website, you need login creditential for the non-steam version, wich can be acquired on the PoE official website, going into your account, manage account, change email. You don't need to email GGG anymore.

    Step 2. Installation :

    2.1 : Go to Qvin Thread for Exile Api : (ExileApi (Old POEHUD) Overlay for Path of Exile)
    2.2 : Download the latest PoEHelper.7z from : Releases . Qvin0000/ExileApi . GitHub
    2.3 : Extract the PoeHelper.7z wherever you desire
    2.4 : Run Loader.exe for the Hud without plugin.
    2.5 : Press F12 While in game to trigger the UI of the plugin.

    Step 3. Plugin :

    3.1 : Go to the plugin depository : GitHub - Qvin0000/ExileApiPlugins
    3.1 : Download it to wherever you want
    3.2 : IMPORTANT STEP ( It was the most difficult to understand for me ) You have to put your plugin into PoEHelper/Plugins/Source, not the file that own the plugin. So for exemple if you have a file name XXX wich contain all your plugin, do not put that XXX file inside PoEHelper/Plugins/Source , but only the plugin you wanna use. It might look like this :
    3.3 : Now that your plugin are inside the source folder, your PoEHelper have to understand how to run them, and for this you simply have to confirm it by going into the PoEHelper base folder and find a files named : CompilePlugins.bat
    3.4 : Once you have found the CompilePlugins.bat, simply run it and a windows cmd will open and start to compiling the plugin. It might look something like this ( I have hide some info since i'm not confortable with what i can and cannot show on a public forum ) compile.jpg

    Step 4. Enjoy :

    4.1 : Now that everythings is setup, you can run the game, run Loader.exe and press F12 you should see all the plugin appear into the UI.

    Step 5. What to know :

    - Some plugin might not be updated, not working, but people are working a lot to fixe them, and u can find deep into the forum some temporary fix made by dedicated player. It will take you time but you know what we say nothing is free in life.
    - This topic is purely for understand how to instal and make it running, i assume you followed Qvin instruction on what program is required to run ExileApi, i will not be able to fix any of issue you could have because i'm simply a noob.
    - If you run trought a specific issue of a specific things like one certain plugin, do not be affraid to look either trough Qvin official post, or the official post of the plugin with what u are having trouble. I found 2 or 3 fix this way, use search bar or simply type short text like " missing core.cs ownedcore" on google, it helped me a lot.

    - Thanks to Sychotix wich helped me for the installation and make it running on my previous topic.
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    thanks sir you were really helpful <3

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