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    Server Emulator

    Hello everyone.

    A partner and I want to make an emulator for PoE as we'd like to bring some old things about this game back, from builds to a more enjoyable experience overall compared to the chore that the gameplay loop of this aRPG became.
    At the moment we are still very early on the development of this project.
    We have a sniffer at our disposal so we can see how an exchange between the real server and the client happens, this sniffer allow us to isolate each packets and understand the purpose of each.
    What we have for now is a working login server.
    Where we are stuck is generating all the right info to give to the client so it fully loads into a game instance. We are not missing much but having someone else who is competent in networking or in low level coding (Assembly) would be useful for our team. I already know some things myself but we wouldn't mind other people who have some experience on those fields.
    We already have a Discord server, but we won't give a public link, because GGG is probably monitoring (not much we assume but still) this forum and we wouldn't want them to see and make our life harder.
    It's also not public because we are not looking for beta-tester or anything like that, atleast for now, maybe later when we'll have something more tangible.

    This project will be lengthy, we are not particulary on a hurry to make this happen, see it more like a side project we are doing on our free time. But we still want to do it, so, if you want to join, do not hesitate to leave a message here, or directly send me a PM so we can talk a little bit more about that.

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    Some potentially useful information in this thread pertaining to packets. (packet encryption)

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    This is a project that goes beyond "single A" MMO title emulators in terms of difficulty - you'd need your own mob AI or crack into GGG's repos and steal theirs (probably LUA files or something on their end). Plus load balancing, infrastructure (one instance must be able to support X actions at once, and there will be N instances, so how do you best divide computing time between threads on the server?).

    I don't mind helping with low-level stuff (ASM, etc) and already have a full packet editor done of course. PM me the discord if you'd like.

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