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    Linux support?

    Hey KJ;

    I know it's been a topic that's been discussed before, but I forgot the resolution (and the freeforums are gone) + wanted to see if your stance has changed in any way since it's been a long time. Basically, what I'm asking for is Linux support; in particular in combination with WINE (which I use to run Diablo III).

    Do you think such a thing is possible at all? Would you accept contributions from others to your source code in order to facilitate or add Linux support?

    Technologically, there are two hurdles that need to be solved:
    1. Figuring out how to read memory from the Diablo III process via WINE. This either requires emulating whatever Win32 APIs you currently use for this purpose, and making sure address translation etc. survives correctly; or modifying TurboHUD to use native Linux APIs.
    2. Figuring out how to draw the overlay. This could either be done via use of a Linux compositor + native (transparent) overlays, or by hooking into WINE OpenGL somehow and drawing on top of the window that way; or finally via WINE emulating whatever Aero APIs TurboHUD currently uses for this purpose.

    I've been a long-time fan of TurboHUD since season 1 and since switching my main OS to Linux nothing has pained me more than the loss of TurboHUD when playing Diablo III.

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