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  • OwnedCore Report #10

    We are officially in double digits with these reports sitting pretty at number ten. I hope all you Americans had a great Thanksgiving and to all of you that celebrate the holidays, Happy Holidays. These last two weeks gave us some worthy topics to discuss including Destiny 2 under the gun once again, The Game Awards, and WoW's new raid has had an interesting Mythic race thus far. If this is your first time reading an OwnedCore report, this is where we cover all things OwnedCore with some general gaming news every other week to catch people up!

    Destiny 2 Locked Old Content Behind New DLC

    I want to start off with Destiny 2 because it is a very trendy topic and their subreddit has been up in flames for awhile now over some of the slimy moves Bungie has made. Now if you read the last OwnedCore report I wrote a piece on how Bungie got caught reducing your experience the more you played the game without really telling the player and kinda showing false numbers. Well this time they have gone even further off the deep end. I am talking content from the original game being locked out if you don't purchase the DLC.

    The Curse of Osiris expansion raised the level cap from 300 to 330 and also brought back the heroic strike which is locked behind DLC. But the real issue is that with a level cap raise came a raise in level requirements for end game activities such as the Prestige difficulty levels of the Raid and Nightfall Strike. It is really starting to look like Destiny 2 and its expansion pass were kind of the base game spread out into 3 different sections. A shell of a game plus two DLC's. The full game is $60 + the season pass to be honest if were going to be honest here. The new raid is literally in the same raid as the old one, just new doors leading to new bosses. For you WoW folks imagine if Emerald Nightmare only went to Ursoc/Spider Woman, and the portals to Dragons/Eyeball and Cenarius/Xavius were behind two separate DLC packs. It just seems like the days of Bungie making franchises that will change the industry like Halo are long gone and this new Activision driven Bungie is just looking to make money through loot boxes, I mean Bright Engrams.

    If you haven't seen yet Bungie literally put a job post up on their website that said "Create sustainable player progression and chase through Destiny 2's Bright Engram". This is like seeing a WoW job listing that said "Create sustainable player progression and chase through the online mount/pet store". Once this his their Reddit it quickly rose to the top and Bungie took the whole listing down. Is it bad that none of this is surprising me anymore?

    For all of you Destiny fans what do you think of Curse of Osiris?

    Is all this backlash deserved?

    Would you buy Destiny 3?

    The Game Awards

    The Game Awards! I know, most people don't take these very serious since there is so many but I figured maybe some people want to know if their favorite games won something! Oh and we got some sweet trailers and teasers that I will show here as well. I will link an IGN article at the bottom of this section if you want to look at all the winners and all the trailers since I won't include every single thing.

    Game of the Year: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Best Independent Game: Cuphead

    Best Strategy Game: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Best Sports/Racing Game: Forza Motorsport 7

    Best Fighting Game: Injustice 2

    Best RPG: Persona 5

    Best eSports Game: Overwatch

    Best eSports Player: Faker, from League of Legends

    Best eSports Team: Cloud 9

    Some personal thoughts on these awards. I think a lot of these were spot on until we got into the eSport section. I keep up with a good amount of eSports and Cloud 9 is not doing well in most major games if any. Faker is a superstar eSport player so that is totally cool that he won but how in gods name did Overwatch win best eSport game when the Overwatch League hit preseason like a week ago? Not to mention how its being streamed on MLG.TV and not Twitch with the viewer count hidden. Lets be real, nobody is watching the Overwatch League right? Its like Quake on crack.

    As far as hype announcements we got:
    *Just click the game name to view the trailer*

    GTFO Announcement Trailer
    - This game looks sick

    Sea of Thieves Release Date Trailer
    - If you haven't tried this game I recommend it, tons of fun. Getting into the Alpha seems pretty easy just by signing up and waiting.

    PUBG Live Action Trailer
    - Low key wish they put this budget toward fixing bugs on their original map.

    PUBG Desert Map Reveal Trailer + Release Date
    - Release date 12.20.17. Seems kinda soon with all these bugs

    Bayonetta 3 Official Teaser Trailer
    - Count me in on the hype train

    Bloodborne 2 Teaser Trailer
    - First one was amazing so definitely hyped

    Last but not least...Death Stranding full cinematic trailer

    Source including more rewards and trailers here

    WoW's Mythic Race

    So if you are a WoW player than you probably know that the new raid Antorus, the Burning Throne came out almost two weeks ago with the Mythic version being released last week. This raid has been receiving a lot of praise from all player levels and from the streams I have watched it looks beautiful and includes some fun fights. I have been following the Mythic race very closely and even know a couple people in top 10 world guilds competing and cant help but wonder if this tier's Mythic was too easy or is preparation for these raids have become fine tuned that Blizzard can't keep up?

    On the US release the top guild in NA "Limit" cleared a whopping 9 of 11 bosses day one and that followed swiftly in EU with Method clearing the same but faster. It almost seemed like Blizzard made a mistake with tuning until we realized the last two bosses were not going to be a pushover. Currently there are only 5 guilds on the last boss and a ton more at 9/11. I cant help but raise the question of "were the first 9 just too easy?" Well before we can say "yes" I guess we have to look at the facts of high end raiding right now. These top end guilds are not new to these bosses because they are on PTR. I am not sure how many were on PTR but I can almost say with confidence the first 9 were. But this is not new, Blizzard has been allowing guilds to test the raids for bugs and tuning issues on the PTR for awhile now. So we can either have untested and probably more buggy/exploitable raids or we can let these guilds basically run/master them before they are even out.

    But even besides PTR we have this "new" meta of heroic splits that takes place the first week of the raids release, a week before Mythic. Where top end guilds basically split their mains up into small groups and run the raid with X number of mains and Y number of alts from the rest of the guild, than funnel all the gear from that run to mains. This can be done many times depending how many alts your raid requires. For example some raids only require one alt meaning you do two splits. Half mains/Half alts twice. Which is essentially giving the mains two weeks worth of loot on average. But what if we took this further like Limit and Method? Well I heard Limit did 7 splits and Method 9. That is on average 2-4 mains per heroic run getting all the gear funneled to them. This is like getting a month ahead in gear compared to a guild that does one heroic run with all mains. Now this is not illegal or even looked down upon and I think it is quite cool to be honest, but are these splits killing the "long mythic races" we once loved? Is the new norm for the final boss to be dead in the first 7-14 days every time now? It seems so based on Legion.

    • Xavius in EN died one day after release by Exorsus for World First.

    • Gul'dan in Nighthold died 11 days after release by Exorsus for World First

    • Kil'Jaeden in ToS died 11 days after release by Method for World First

    Do you guys think Blizzard should make the bosses a bit harder for the first couple weeks to prolong the Mythic Race?

    Is the Mythic Race being shorter better for the game?

    Do you even care about anything I am saying right now?

    Sco the GM and main tank of Method posted this on Twitter that seemed fitting for this article

    On a side note. Pre-orders coming soon for BFA?

    Community Interview

    Interviewed the Legendary member Laykith about the WoW Mythic Race

    Q: How long have you been raiding at a mythic / high end level?
    A: For about a year and a half now. Started raiding on Warmanes Lordaeron server, came back to retail in Nighthold, and started mythic right away

    Q: Awesome. What are your thoughts on Antorus, The Burning Throne so far?
    A: I really love the raid, muuuch better than Tomb. There is not a boss atm which I don't like, yes, even Eonar.

    Q: Have you been keeping up with the mythic race?
    A: Yeah, I have to. Need to study bosses before i get to them. Can always prevent wipes

    Q: Does your guild require having a geared alt to do Heroic Splits with ?
    A: No but most have alts so we can split. Optional tho

    Q:How many splits do you tend to run? Just two?
    A: Yeah just 2

    Q: Do you think heroic splits enhance the Mythic race or diminish its value?
    A: It changes loads of things. We're almost 3/11m now and our main issue has been dps. With splits gear is higher and from the looks of it. Will make first 5 bosses up to Imonar ezpz

    Q: With Limit, Method, and Exorsus going 9/11 in the first 24 hours of release. Do we point the finger at Blizzard for undertuning these bosses or is it ridiculous of us to expect them to tune a boss based on that many splits from top guilds?
    A: I think that its a combination of splits + ptr testing. I would say bosses after Imonar were probably under tuned. The bosses are much better than ToS since there are less bullshit overlaps (Mistress, Fallen espc). The downside of the rng overlaps are ofc that its easier to outplay the mechanics. Only real RNG overlap in heroic was Coven. So yeah you can outplay Antorus bosses.

    Q: So do you think the days of long mythic races are over with all of the Legion bosses being killed within the first two weeks? If so is it better that the race is shorter from a spectator POV?
    A; I don't think the race will be over this or next week. Argus looks insanely overtuned based on that chinese guilds stream. Sco said it was over tuned as well.

    Q: Do you expect a nerf incoming for Argus before its killed?
    A: I do, but I hope there won't be any. I'd like it if gear was the nerf. Boss looks fine.

    Q: If you had to pick a guild to get the World First who would you put your $ on?
    A: I think its gonna be method once again, their roster is stronger than ever. But I hope for Exorsus to take this one with 10 ret paladins

    Q: lmao is that actually the strat they are using?!
    A: its not confirmed but ppl on reddit / mmochamp noticed that most 2nd alt was ret paladin. Seems like they're gearing ret alts. Might have just been that ppl got lucky with bonus rolls. But i really hope we see a heavy wheelchair roster.
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