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    Spartacus - Changelog explained.

    Hello Hello! I'm just going to share some info about Spartacus changelog, as sometimes this can be difficult to understand:

    Build History

    Release 0.1.9
    * Updated Spartacus so it is now compatible with the latest Glider Beta. - Spartacus now works with Glider 1.5.7
    * Fixed the problem of not reloading your custom class on long queue times. - When you waited long enough, spartacus tries to requeue you, and hence unloading classes, before the queue sequence. (That's cuz some CC's interfer with Spartacus queueing system). Now it loads your CC again properly.
    * Fixed stop after x # of BG's (Untested) - When you've played # ammount of BG's Sparatcus stops, this was very unstable before but seems to work now.
    * Spartacus will now ensure we haven't dropped queue every 3 minutes instead of 5. - Instead of waiting 5 minutes, it only waits 3 minutes before it tries to requeue again.

    Release 0.1.8
    * Modified the queue logic a considerable amount. It should be much more robust now. -It used to be quite unstable to queue, Spartacus could crash glider and such, now it has more sequences, such as: "Attempting to Queue"; instead of "Queueing". If the attempt to queue fails, it retries faster than the old one did.
    * Fixed the relogger problem of not re-queuing/loading profile when we are reconnected. - If you stay detached for more than X (set in setup) Spartacus writes you account name + PW and trying to relog. When this is done, it should now try to load the proper profile again and attempt to queue you up again.
    * Removed the function to check for the open WoW window in the settings check. Now chinese/korean people should be able to at least get Spartacus to run without throwing an error (due to different WoW window titles). -This was fixed due to the fact that asian wow does not use "West-world" characters and by doing so, Spartacus couldn't find its window. This has been fixed now.

    Release 0.1.7
    * Fixed Spartacus from asking you what bg you are in when you have autodetect off (no, really this time!) -If you are inside a bg and start Spartacus, it will still ask for what bg, regardless of settings. (This has not been properly fixed)
    * Fixed Array -1 Out of Bounds error. - Dont know what this means.
    * Modified Queue failure detection, has been changed from a timer to a trigger on a Glider message. -Instead of waiting X of time before requeues, it now triggers when glider sends it's message that it has been queued.
    * If you attempt to save settings and autodetect is off and you have only partially selected a bg/zone/faction it will throw an error now. -If you've only selected Ironforge for an example, and you try to save (with autodetect battlemaster off) it now pops an error.

    OffT: Spartacus can be found here: v0.1.9.rar



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