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    Filthy Slime pet farming

    Hi Ownedcore, first of all excuse my poor english.

    I love collecting pets, a few days ago I was trying to finish my collection and ended in Wowhead with an interesting comment about this pet, i don't want to recieve any kind of credit for this because i want to share it with all of you so that you know and you can take advantage of this. Also, i tested it some days ago and it works.

    This pet is not a cheap one, and pet market is a bit dead, but you can get some decent gold if some sniper or collector appears:

    TUJ page: The Undermine Journal

    Current Price: 224705.85
    Median Price: 244406.90
    Mean Price: 233733.17
    Standard Deviation: 75190.49
    EU Quantity: 70
    EU Median Price: 200000.00
    EU Mean Price: 227889.93

    I do not want to put a title as many youtubers usually do to get visits, because like the transmog market, here we depend on the right buyer appears at the right time. If everyone finds it useful, just enjoy, i don't wanna take any credit.

    Sharing is caring, peace

    Source: panseit@wowhead - Filthy Bucket - Item - World of Warcraft

        1 - Enter Tol Dagor on Mythic difficulty and kill first boss. You can avoid most of the trash by just going left and around them until you reach the boss.
        2 - Clean trash in the "Drain" (ground floor/sewer) until you reach "The Brig" (1st floor)
        3 - On your way there look for a key (they spawn on multiple random locations and are easy to miss.)
        Possible locations for the keys are :
        4 - Upon reaching the cell I marked on the second image above, you just open it using the key you have found.
        5 - Lastly you enter the cell, go through the hole on the wall and arrive at a room with a bucket. Click on it and the Gol'than the Malodorous will be summoned. He is pretty easy to kill on a five man group around 340ilvl
        6 - If you don't get it, exit dungeon (either by removing clothes and getting killed by trash-quickest- or just by going all the way back!), reset instance,re-enter and repeat steps 1-6. Watch out for the 10 instances/hour limit!
    Some general observations :
        The drop chance cannot be determined yet but as far as my experience goes, in 10 runs everyone got it (it includes trading with each other).
        It is not a guarantee drop. You may kill it and noone gets it.
        It can drop more than once per person.
        It can drop to multiple people at once.
        It's personal loot but Filthy Bucket can be traded with the other party members.
        The pet is cageable and can be bought/sold on the Auction House.
        The key ( Discarded Cell Key ) looks like this in your bags : ( It says it lasts one day, but as soon as someone unlocks the cell, all party members' keys disappear from bag). You just have to loot a new one every time you enter the instance.
    Happy Farming!
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    long time ago i played mage too

    Filthy Slime pet farming
  2. Thanks Ginchy, Kenneth, Poisons123 (3 members gave Thanks to warbarbie for this useful post)

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