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    Rumsey Rum Black Label Guide

    there is an excellent leveling and beer called Rumsey Rum Black Label (seen below)

    Rumsey Rum Black Label - Item - World of Warcraft

    it works like an elixir but doesn't count as a guardian or battle elixir. so you can have an extra 15 stamina for as long as you have enough of these.

    most people only know that they drop off of the fishing nodes in darkmoon isle at 8% a chance but it's not commonly known that there is a vendor for them.
    he is in the burning crusade dungeon called old hillsbrad foothills or escape from durnholde keep
    (seen here)

    Barkeep Kelly - NPC - World of Warcraft

    there are three different ways you can there the first I personally use which are.

    you should have your hearth set in dalaran go to the violet citadel take the portal to the caverns of time.
    or you can have your hearth set to shattrath and go to the bar, talk to the floating high elf female drinking with an ogre and she'll port you to caverns of time.
    finally you can always take a portal to uldum and fly there.

    some ways of selling them.

    list a single glass of rum on the auction house and wait for someone to buy it, if or when they do what you need to do is message them saying something like " would you be interested in buying more of that rum if I had some?" if they say say how many, you say a limited number like five to ten stacks.
    you don't want them to know that it's not a limited amount or that you can buy them on the cheap or they won't be interested at all.

    the other way you can do this is to look for level 19 ,29 or 39 twinks once you find one whisper them about it once again telling that you have a limited amount of them per day that you can farm and ask if they are interested in buying them.

    but if they ask you for more tell them it's on another friends account and you'll log on to it for them, log on another character and buy the number they ask for.
    never let them see you in the dungeon so don't go and get them after they've whispered you.

    but never list them in bulk that will flood the market and they'll realize it's a vendor item.

    you can use them at any level so keep them on you for tanking low level dungeons.
    they stack in stacks of ten and they can be placed in the Lure Master Tackle Box which is 36 slots.

    I also found a macro you can use to buy them faster and it's

    "/script local function buy (n,q) for i=1,100 do if n==GetMerchantItemInfo(i) then BuyMerchantItem(i,q) end end end buy ("Rumsey Rum Black Label",10) "

    this is my first post so be gentle,
    thanks and I hope this helped you for either twinking ,leveling or making gold.

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    This was actually news to me, Great job

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