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    Camp more then 1 spawnpoint with only 1 Acc

    HI !

    This is what i did just yesterday. I was camping poseidus with my 3 Accs and was thinking about getting a 4 one. So i recruited my own emailadress and got a new 10-day-trial-acc on my battlenet-acc. I made a new char on that trial-acc an to my big surprise(because new acc only has classic) i could port my new friend under the sea right to me in shimmering deeps(vash). Dont know if this works for stormpeaks or deepholm, but why not ?

    So i realized i can have as much guys there camping as i can invite friend-accs ^^. So what you need is as follows:

    - a machine that is strong enough to handle several wow's runnung at the same time
    - a wow-acc that is allowed to inv friend-accs
    - of course all that camp-stuff like NPC-Scan-addon and so on...

    So go to a spawnpoit(Aonaxx, TLPD, Poseidus, whatever works), port your new friend to that point and setup the addons on that toon. Dont know how much toons you can get to that place. We have to try that ^^....

    ...dont know if such a method was ever drscribed...
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    tl:dr - Use invited trial account, use port. Open multiple WoWs.
    Double check you're trading with me in case of impostors

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    Inb4 haters hatin'.
    Anyways, I was certain you could not summon trial accounts to Cataclysm content, so this is new to me, I most likely wont ever use this but i'll rep you anyway.

    ps: haven't been active for a long time and i'm not even sure how to +rep people anymore, give me a short quote reply on how to and i'll do it.

    EDIT: nevermind I figured it out. TT.
    4+ rep for you sir.
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