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    1-300 Tailoring

    Acquire the following resources from the AH, or from friends:
    116 Linen Cloth (5.8 stacks) (about 1.20 gold to buy from AH)
    162 Wool Cloth (8.1 stacks) (about 12 gold to buy from AH)
    508 Silk Cloth (25.4 stacks) (about 15 gold to buy from AH)
    575 Mageweave Cloth (28.75 stack) (about 30 gold to buy from AH)
    Get Pattern: Dark Silk Shirt from vendor in Tarren Mill
    (11s). Vendor carries only 1. The vendor is found outside, by the fountain in Tarren Mill.

    Get Pattern: Azure Silk Cloak from vendor in Hammerfall (11s). Vendor carries only 1.

    In Hammerfall, the vendor is in the large rectangular building near
    the entrance. It's the same building that the first aid artisan
    quest is in.

    Optional: Get Pattern: White Bandit Mask as a drop or
    from the AH. If you can find it on the AH for a couple gold, it's
    probably worth it.
    You'll save 10 mageweave bolts by using it instead of black mageweave
    leggings between 215 to 225.
    Get Pattern: Mooncloth from Winterspring (2g). Vendor
    carries unlimited quantity.

    If the item is orange when you make it, you will always generate a
    skillup. Yellow makes no promises. Green
    rarely makes a skillup. Grey never produces a skillup. For most
    items, you should only use it when it is orange. A few items have
    a large yellow region, so you can make a few after it has turned
    yellow without much risk.

    Levels required to learn tradeskills:
    05 1-75
    10 76-150
    20 151-225
    35 226-300


    Pick up Tailoring from a Journeyman Tailor. These are found in
    all the major cities. Level 5 is required for this skill.

    The total cost for the vendor materials used for clothing in this phase: 8 s
    The approximate cost of cloth used for clothing in this phase: 1.2 gold
    The total NPC value of all clothing produced in this phase: 13 s

    1-43: Bolt of Linen Cloth, you’ll need to make 58, so just keep making ‘em.
    Brown Linen Vest
    (2 Linen Bolts) (2 Coarse Thread)
    45-50: Linen Belt
    (10 Linen Bolts) (5 Coarse Thread)
    50-60: Heavy Linen Gloves
    (20 Linen Bolts)(10 Coarse Thread)
    60-65: Blue Linen Shirt
    (20 Linen Bolts) (5 Coarse Thread)
    65-75: Reinforced Linen Cape
    (20 Linen Bolts) (30 Coarse Thread)

    WOOL CRAFTING (75-125)
    Pick up Journeyman Tailoring from a Expert Tailor. These are found
    in all the major cities. Level 10 is required for this skill.

    Bolt of Woolen Cloth, Make 54
    (162 Wool Cloth)
    103-115: Gray Woolen Shirt
    (24 Wool Bolts) (12 Fine Thread) (12 Gray Dye)
    115-125: Double-Stitch Shoulders
    (30 Wool Bolts) (20 Fine Thread)

    *Note 2 : Gray Woolen shirts turn yellow at 110, the next 5 will always give a skillup.

    SILK CRAFTING (125-175)

    Pick up Expert Tailoring from an Artisan Tailor to pass 150. The
    trainer is found Undercity. Level 20 is required for this skill.
    125-145: Bolt of Silk Cloth,
    (520 Silk Cloth)
    145-155: Azure Silk Hood
    (20 Silk Bolts) (10 Fine Thread) (20 Blue Dye)
    155-168: Dark Silk Shirt
    (26 Silk Bolts) (13 Fine Thread) (26 Gray Dye)
    168-170: Silk Headband
    (6 Silk Bolts) (4 Fine Thread)
    170-175: Formal White Shirt
    (15 Silk Bolts)(5 Fine Thread) (10 Bleach)


    Pick up Artisan Tailoring from an Master Tailor to pass 225. Level
    35 is required for this skill, and you must be level 200 before
    you can pick it up.

    Master Tailor Daryl Stack is found in the church, at Tarren Mill.
    It will take 75 mageweave cloth to get the full skillups in making bolts. So, if your mageweave is stored in your mailbox, you may want to get out only 4 stacks to
    level on bolts. Then, finish your silk crafting, and then make the rest of your bolts.

    The items in this stage should probably be disenchanted. See the disenchanting
    section at the bottom for more information.

    Bolt of Mageweave Cloth
    (575 Mageweave Cloth)
    185-202: Azure Silk
    (51 Silk Bolts) (34 Fine Thread) (34 Blue Dye)
    202-205: Crimson Silk Vest
    (12 Silk Bolts) (6 Fine Thread) (6 Red Dye)
    205-225: Black Mageweave Leggings
    (40 Mageweave Bolts) (60 Silken Thread)
    225-230: Black Mageweave Gloves
    (10 Mageweave Bolts) (10 Heavy Silken Thread)
    230-250: Black Mageweave Headband
    (60 Mageweave Bolts) (40 Heavy Silken Thread)


    DE’s into: Item Level Req:
    Soul Dust 21-30
    Vision Dust 31-40
    Dream Dust 41-50
    Illusion Dust 51-60
    Lesser Mystic Essence 25-30
    Lesser Nether Essence 36-40
    Greater Nether Essence 41-45
    Lesser Eternal Essence 46-50
    Greater Eternal Essence 51-60
    Small Glowing Shard 26-30
    Small Radiant Shard 36-40
    Large Radiant Shard 41-45
    Small Brilliant Shard 46-50
    Large Brilliant Shard 51-60

    If you get the white bandit mask pattern (drop), it can be used
    from level 215 to 225. It will save you a lot of mageweave (10
    bolts), and can be disenchanted.

    Overall, you probably spent about 82 gold (60 on cloth, 19 for
    vendor goods, and 3 for patterns and training)

    Overall, you probably made 55 gold from disenchanting your green
    items, and about 1.7 gold from selling your whites.

    But now, you can convert 2 felcloth to 1 mooncloth for free. To do
    so, find a moonwell The easiest one to access is in Ashenvale, just
    south-west of where the main path crosses the main river. This
    conversion has a 4 day cooldown, otherwise it would be the ideal
    way to skillup to 300.

    Guide for Tailoring, 250-300

    The following steps should be followed before starting:
    Train how to make runecloth bolts from the artisan trainer in
    Tarren Mill. This will take from 250-260.
    OptionalGain "unfriendly" reputation with the timbermaw.
    This will allow you to travel through the tunnel from Felwood to
    Winterspring without being attacked. (I highly recommend doing this)
    Purchase "Pattern:Mooncloth" from the vendor in Everlook, or off of
    the AH. It is 2 gold from the vendor, and is usually reasonably priced
    on the AH too.
    Buy pattern for Brightcloth Cloak from the AH. It can be difficult
    to find for a decent price, so you may want to start hunting a
    few days in advance.


    The chepest procedure is to just purify 50 mooncloth. This will take
    you from 250 to 300, since the recipe stays orange the whole time. But, it
    will take 200 days to complete this, so it is not the best way for most of us.

    250-260: Make 142 Bolts of runecloth. You'll need these later.
    You will probably get the full number of skillups after making only 15.
    Ingredients: 852 runecloth

    260-282: Make 22 Runecloth Belts.
    Ingredients: 66 bolts of runecloth, 22 rune thread.
    282-283: Purify 1 mooncloth.
    Ingredients: 2 felcloth

    283-300: Make 18 Brightcloth Cloaks. These turn yellow at 290, but usually generate skillups through level 300. It took 18 cloaks for me to get 17 levels (at 299, the first one failed.)
    Ingredients: 72 bolts of runecloth, 36 gold bars, 18 rune thread. (assuming you get by with 1)

    Tada! 300.

    realised this was posted before

    search FTW
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