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    Farm the Libram of Focus

    Where do I get my Libram of Focus?

    On my server this libram is running for 450g+ in the AH. Because I'm not willing to pay this amount, I have to farm them. First method would be running DM-West with a group. Second method is running DM-West alone. No one needs a guide for DM-West, at least you can find them somewhere else.


    - able to deal with lvl 58+ elite ghosts, doing a lot of damage (my frost mage ain't got problems, it should be even simpler for walocks)
    - key for DM-West


    - enter DM-West
    - evade the wandering trees frogger style and run to the great tree opposite of the entrance
    - run onto the southern balkony
    - on this balkony 2 invisible ghosts are roaming around
    - wait for them to attack you and kill them (mages can use flamestrike rang 1 to reveal them, warlocks can use see invisibility)
    - after those to ghost run back to the ramp going down towards the biug tree
    - jump onto the edge of this ramp and hop down
    - there is a door in the right corner, open it
    - in the corridor are 3 invisible and 2 visible ghost
    - stay in the entrance and wait for the invisible ones to attack you, and kill them
    - once all invisibles are gone, deal with the visible ones. Watch out, they can curse you and hit harder then the invisbles
    - run out and reset the instance. I take about 15 minutes with my mage to kill them all, so I got no problems with the instance-reset-limit

    - once you lootet a Libarm, stop and go out. Those librams are unique and you can only have one of them in your inventory
    - drop chance is about <1%, so keep trying

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