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    Keylogged or recalled?

    I traded my account about a month ago.

    We exchanged all info. A few days ago I accidentally clicked a keylogger. I ran virus scans to remove it and thought it was gone. I was disconnected that day so I immediately thought I was keylogged. The keylogger link was on the realm forums.

    Me, being stupid as hell, went to change the password and entered the SQ/A. However, the email wasn't working on the reset password page. I hadn't checked my email since clicking the keylogger so there's no way he had my emails password. I checked my email on another comp and there was no mail, no notification of an email or account change.

    I had guildmates get the guy on my character to come on vent. He did, and demanded a ransom to send 500g to XXXXXXX on XXXXXX realm if I wanted my toon back. I refused this offer.

    I've been talking to the guy on AIM who I traded with and he was working with me to try and get it back.

    So as I'm working to get my toon back, I decided to armory my druid, cause the guy I traded with used the same character name. He was on the 2v2 with the guy who the "keylogger" said to send the ransom money, and on the 5v5 of the guy who the "keylogger" signed under vent on.

    Now, there's no way this is a coincidence. That the keylogger was the same guy I traded with, as I clicked no links and only discussed the trade on vent. I was the one who requested the trade in the first place.

    So, if it was just a coicidence that I got keylogged on the same day the original owner of the account recalled it, I'm wondering this:

    When an account is recalled and the email is changed, is there an email notification of email change? Or was I completely ****ed over

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    Yes, There is email notification of email change...

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    This is how changing email works. Let's call the email already registered to the account "OldEmail" and the new email you want to register "NewEmail".

    1) On the account management page you click "Change Password" and enter NewEmail.

    2) An email gets sent to OldEmail, with a link.

    3) You must click this link AND login to the account on the page that this link leads to.

    4) Done. The email is changed.

    This means, there is NO for him to change email on an account, because you
    have to have access to the old email adress. The ONLY way to get around
    this is to recall the account by sending in your info and ID pic etc. So it's
    obvious that he recalled the account. Sorry mate. I hope you have his RL
    info and that you have some way of recalling your own account.



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