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    Orb of Deception from Torghast

    Hey, recently, me and my friends found out that you can smuggle the item, "Orb or Deception" (received via the "Imposter" anima power after killing Karthazel), from Torghast. Using a goblin's bank ability, we placed the orb inside the bank and managed to retrieve it once teleporting out of Torghast. Annoyingly, the orb brings up the prompt "You must be inside of Torghast, Tower of the Damned" when we try to use it.

    Unlike other Torghast items and powers, who self-destruct when you're out of Torghast no matter what, this item persists and is usable once back in Torghast (Torghast instance, it does not work in the Torghast hub), without even needing the anima imposter anima power.

    It is for this reason that we are convinced that this means that there is some way to make it work outside of Torghast. Our hypothesis is that if we can just convince the game, even if for a few seconds, that we're still in Torghast when we're not, we can attain every single attackable NPC model in the game.

    Does anyone know some glitch/hack/technique, that could achieve this? Maybe something to glitch the loading screen/character location? Or even teleport? Thank you in advance

    TLDR: We want to make a Torghast item work outside of Torghast by making the game think we're still in Torghast using Glitches/hacks
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    Orb of Deception from Torghast
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