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    Oondasta and other world bosses - loot across multiple characters with one kill


    As I'm sure many are aware by now, Oondasta seams to have a very long or random spawn timer, making it extremely hard to kill it and receive loot upon multiple characters. Fortunately, with the new mechanic of being able to obtain loot from a world boss by simply hitting it outside of a raid, it is now easy to obtain loot on all your characters on a server through one kill on any outdoor world boss which uses these mechanics, simply follow the steps below:

    1) Log each of your alts and move them to a world boss spawn point. (Works great with Oondasta and Galleon as these do not have multiple spawn areas)
    2) Open up another instance of the World of Warcraft client (so you can log in on the other client instantly to kick off your current character)
    3) Once a boss spawns and a raid group engages the boss, attack the boss once and deal damage to it.
    4) Tab to your other client and log another character, hit the boss once.

    Repeat steps 3 and 4 (your first WoW client will now be disconnected and can be logged in again) until all your characters have hit the boss, once the boss dies; each character will receive the loot bags through the postmaster via in game mail apart from the character you are currently logged in as.

    Hope this helps people get some nifty gear and improve your mount farming!


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    but yeah it works, can normally do 4 alts before the boss dies

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    Additionally, if you relog fast enough, you can bonusroll with all your alts, as blizzard changes the bonusrolltime to 3 minutes!



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