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    Section rules - Read before posting!

    1. Exploits involving a GM that has to do something in order for it to work does not belong here.
    Posting these will result in infractions and/or -rep.

    2. NO Beta exploits here
    Post them in wow general.

    3. Only exploits with written instructions are allowed here
    What does this mean to you?
    This means that you must provide text on how to do your exploit or otherwise describe what it is.
    Or explaining an exploit in 1/2 lines. Just because YOU understand how the exploit works does not mean the rest of us do.

    You MUST embed your video too, this can be done by the video tag
    [video ][/video]  (remove the space between o and ] in first bracket
    We dont want people just posting a video or an image with an exploit, such things go in the video section which can be found here

    4. No "Move to elite plz" allowed here.
    It is only person's making the thread decision, if he/she want to post it in public or elite sections, do not try to pressure them to post it in elite if they don't want too nor ask for the thread to be moved there, posts like this will result in warnings, infractions or bans if necessary.
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    Section rules - Read before posting!
  2. Thanks Sightflux, jetbrains (2 members gave Thanks to KuRIoS for this useful post)

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