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    Tbc wow 2.4.3 instant 70 blizzlike raiding

    Tbc wow also known as fatal vengeance
    Well what is tbc wow?

    * Tbc wow is a 2.4.3 private server that offers players a retail raiding experience all raids are scripted as close to possible as retail with minimal bugs within them without the hassle of leveling up which i know a lot of players dislike as they would like to get straight into raiding /pvp ..
    * Pve not your thing then go do some pvp three out of the possible 4 bgs are working perfectly working on Alterac valley as well,All arenas are also working as well.There is also a c++ pvp system where you gain titles through pvp scout grunt seargent etc
    * To make things easier for players there are added npcs for it Aka Skill npc which maxes weapon skill for all weapons missing skill npcs which teach the missing spells which classes need to learn from doing the quest , And also beastmaster npc which gives hunters the pet of there choice from a list.
    [COLOR="Orange"] * Countless fixes not seen on other server PERFECT Vanish , When vanished is used the enemy caster will stop casting also you can vanish from a frostbolt if you time it perfectly also removes frost nova.Other fixes such as ? Death in duel error bug removed auras from end of duel when it finishes also fully heal player and reset health when duel ends.

    What does tbc wow have?

    *Fully scripted raids to a be as close to retail as possible
    *Countless bug fixes not seen on other servers
    *Custom Scripted alterac valley
    *C++ pvp system Also A killstreak system

    * Malls are located in orgrimmar also ironforge when you reach 60 you can go to shattrath were you will find trainers for all professions with supplies vendors not patterns tho also all trainers basic npcs from starter malls are located there, starter gear t3/d3 level 60 weaps also 65-70 blue weaps shields and Offhands.

    In need of a c++ dev or so as im only one at this moment

    Server is hosted on a 1000mb upload connection
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