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    An issue with 1.12.1 version of "EmotesTextSound.dbc" file

    Hi there.
    I've been toying around with my custom private cmangos 1.12.1 server for a while now, and now I have stumbled upon a problem that I failed to solved on my own. You could say that asking help here is sort of a last resort for me.

    So, weeks ago I was able to finally fully backport TBC races to make them playable on the 1.12 client (well, aside from their starting zones, ofc), that includes models, textures, headgear pieces, voice lines, etc. They have their RaceIDs set just like in TBC (10 for blood elves, 11 for draenei). Everything has been working like a charm...well, until a couple of days ago when I encountered a minor, yet extremely annoying issue regarding the voice emotes. Specifically, the vanilla version of the EmotesTextSound.dbc file is the main offender.
    Blood elves work as they should (fully in accordance with their entries that I have added in the "EmotesTextSound" file ). Even Draenei Males have no issues whatsoever (that's the weirdest thing). But when it comes to Draenei Females (i.e. characters with RaceID 11 and GenderID 1) - that's where the weird stuff begins.

    First of all, If I were to just leave FemDraenei silent (don't add any voice lines for them) - they'd just use human male lines instead (and not even the corresponded ones. for instance, when you type "/flirt" - a human male "openfire" voiceline would play out, etc.)

    If you do assign them their voicelines however, they will work as intended. But in this case, it somehow would also cause human male characters to use the Female Draenei lines as well (despite having their own listed by default).

    Failing to solve the issue, I started messing around with the file. I thought, "what would happen if I take the Female Draenei entries in the "EmotesTextSound", and change the RaceID from 11 to 12, for example? Sure, they'd lose their voicelines, but will it bring back Human Males their own?".
    And it did bring the Humans their original voices, true...And it also caused Orc Males to start speaking female draenei voice, lmao.
    Then I changed the RaceID from 12 to 20...and then the FemDraenei voice was granted to Male Blood Elves that I have ported in to the game...

    So as of now, my guess is this: any custom lines that you add in the "emotestextsound.dbc" which have GenderID set to 1 and RaceID in the range from 11 to 20 somehow override the ones that have GenderID 0 and RaceID in the range from 1 to 10 respectively.
    I'm sure that the problem lies not in the .dbc file itself (because the same thing happened when I just replaced the file with its TBC counterpart). What could cause it then? Maybe there's some bytes that need to be changed in wow.exe, or something?
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    An issue with 1.12.1 version of "EmotesTextSound.dbc" file

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