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    WhiteVex/BlueVex - Basic examples of in-process/out of process(ish) projects for Wow.


    Recently I've decided to write a project from scratch that has a clear goal and design behind it,. However, since I am newer to this stuff I have a lot of misc projects I started as a means of learning laying around. Since I will not be working on them further, I decided to share them in hopes it helps some one looking to learn/get into this stuff too.

    With that said, at the risk of embarrassment due to my poor coding in the projects, here they are. I will list some links I think are helpful to people learning like me currently for each project.

    WhiteVex - In-process based example - GitHub https://github.com/lolp1/WhiteVex/tree/master/WhiteVex
    Possibly Interesting links for WhiteVex:
    A) Hooks - ntoskrnl | Hooking Threads without Detours or Patches - The blog by Jadd about this type of hook. All credits to him, I just tried it out.
    1. https://github.com/lolp1/WhiteVex/bl...ools/Window.cs - WinProc hook class.
    2. https://github.com/lolp1/WhiteVex/bl...ools/Engine.cs - Hook class helper.

    BlueVex - out-of-process(ish) based example - GitHub: https://github.com/lolp1/BlueVex/tree/master/BlueVex
    Possibly Interesting links for BlueVex:
    A) MemorySharps clean wrappers for Executing code with asm injection/remote threads
    1. https://github.com/lolp1/BlueVex/blo...FrameScript.cs - Shows how clean asm injection can be with the RemoteCall class added and MemorySharps already good support for it.
    2. https://github.com/lolp1/BlueVex/blo...LocalPlayer.cs - Shows how easy using it can be.

    * Both projects will need my version of MemorySharp here - https://github.com/lolp1/MemorySharp as a reference.
    * WhiteVex needs to be injected - I used this to do so - https://github.com/lolp1/DomainWrapp.../DomainWrapper

    If you're wanting to mess with MemorySharp, these are the main additions to the version used here.
    * https://github.com/lolp1/MemorySharp...alReadWrite.cs - Support for unsafe pointers.
    * https://github.com/lolp1/MemorySharp...Sharp/Patterns - Pattern scanning with xml/several formats.
    Thanks for every ones help here and there are so many credits I can't list them all but:
    Zatt @ Uknowncheats
    aganonki @ unknowncheats
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