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    Make accurate turns (esp. 90 degree turns) using keyboard input


    I have been looking into writing a dungeon farming bot which takes in an .xml script and processes a series of actions using mouse clicks, keys, delays and loops - trying to best emulate actual keyboard strokes and mouseclicks.

    One thing I have had difficulty is accurately turning. As far as movement is concerned I find I can go forwards, backwards, and strafe left/right and the consistency each run is pretty exact. As soon as I try to make a turn it gets inconsistent.

    I am writing the program in C#, and have been using InputSimulator for the mouse and keystrokes. I also tried Win32 stuff but also seems to have a degree of inconsistency.

    For example, turning left or right for 2 seconds (2000ms) should complete a 360 turn. So turning right for 500ms should make a 90 degree turn. And a lot of the time it does, but then sometimes overstretches or doesn't turn enough, which then obviously throws the rest of the bot out.

    A snippet of example code - press the right key down, wait 500ms, press right key up again :-

    using WindowsInput;
    using WindowsInput.Native;

    InputSimulator isim = new InputSimulator();


    I've also tried using Win32 to just tap the LEFT key and then doing this a number of times, once again has inaccurate results.

    It's not a problem if it takes several seconds to make a 90 degree turn, I just need it to do it consistently at 90 degrees every run.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences and could help?

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