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    No website links outside Legendary threads or in Titles!

    The WoW trade section is the biggest one there is. Unfortunately people aren't respecting the rules and this not only hurts the site but also other sellers who pay good money to stay within bounds and try their best to bring in customers as competition is fierce.

    Please if you see any threads or seller blatantly ignoring rules PM me immediately or report the sellers posts.

    Examples of rule breaks:
    Website links in Title
    Website links outside Legendary threads (Premium is not Legendary!)
    Blatant fake reviews

    What's allowed outside Legendary threads:
    Skype links (hatscripts)
    Links to your other threads
    Facebook page (any social website that can be used to reach the seller personally)

    Please read the rules (Trade section rules / How to report a scammer / How to not get scammed) if you still have questions.
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