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    Selling various wow accounts


    i am selling many wow accounts from many servers i played.

    I have a retail account that i quit playing.
    retail has:
    89 Warlock (few bars from 90)
    85 rogue
    85 DK
    many 70 twinks (priest, warrior, shaman)
    ive had this account since PRE BC
    Warlock has herb and alchemy maxed

    Also have arch angel accounts

    i have a decked out shaman, has all epics, has mining and BS maxed, i have gear for all 3 specs, healing, ele and enhance
    Has the epic axe made from BS, his enchance set is the best, and is attuned for everything

    also a warrior, not that decked out but has a flyer and at lvl 70 that comes with a 70 priest


    These are 3 diffrerent accounts

    The retail account is 1
    the shaman the other
    and the warrior/preist

    Prices for each

    Retail account : $150 (or best offer)
    Shaman : $80
    Warrior/priest : $50

    Ill sell all for $250

    they are all mine and i have info to everything...

    If interested, email me here or at [email protected]

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