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    [Selling gold at Cataclysm | Wotlk | Mist of Pandaria Private Servers]

    Pandashan is also supported from now on.

    Hi folks, i'm willing to sell gold to these servers (Even more servers, depending on which one)

    If you are tired of farming or have no time to gather gold...You can instantly get it by mail in seconds.

    -What if i expose my toon?

    The deal will be hidden, make an smurf get gold, transfer and delete it. Simple as that.

    -What means will i get the gold by?

    Just by simple mail, Or trade face2face. (Whichever you feel more comfortable)

    -What do i gain with this?

    What i aim with this, is a few bucks , however in my opinion the price is so damn low.

    1¤ per 33.333 gold (On Mist of Pandaria Private Server) | 22¤ per 1.000.000 gold.
    1¤ per 83.333 gold (On Cataclysm Servers ) | 12¤ per 1.000.000 gold.
    1¤ per 62.500 gold (On Lich King Servers) | 15¤ per 1.000.000 gold.

    The actual price for donations at Wowfreakz is 300$ per 1.000.000 gold.
    The current price for donations at Pandashan is 65$ per 1.000.000 gold

    [You can order less gold, for less money]

    -How should i pay by?

    The process consists:

    1- Pm me here (Server, realm, faction, amount of gold or use Skype. Add "Broly779"

    -In the end.

    I know is hard to trust an unknown person at the begining, i'm not any scammer, and you'll notice the deal is completely fair. I'm very known here in this other forum, here you can check the original thread -> http://www.deathsoft.com/forum/index.php/topic/21509-selling-gold-at-cataclysm-wotlk-mist-of-pandaria-private-servers/

    Skype Contact: Broly779

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