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    WYVERN.CX - Enhance Your Skill! [ 2Hr Trial | Most Legit | HWID Spoofer | Backtrack | Exploits ]

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    WYVERN.CX - Enhance Your Skill! [ 2Hr Trial | Most Legit | HWID Spoofer | Backtrack | Exploits ]
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    2024-03-02 Infra Update #4
    - Optimized BGP routing for the asia region.
    - Added automatic failover on database/bucket filesystem failure.
    - Added Shinagawa, JP; Fremont, US servers.
    - Increased user limit from 300 to 10000 concurrent users.
    2024-02-27 Overwatch Update #16
    - Added customizable delay to auto abilities.
    - Fixed shooting invisible sombra (unless rage is enabled).
    - Bug fixes.
    2024-02-24 Overwatch Update #15
    - Improved sojourn auto rifle usage. Moved to Auto tab.
    - Added genji auto-dash.
    2024-02-23 General Update #2
    - Improved stability.
    - Improved spoofer to clear hidden traces.
    - Launcher will now automatically close if Overwatch is detected.
    - Added retry to networking on failure.
    - Fixed logic running while dead (fixes auto-heal bug).
    2024-02-16 Overwatch Update #14
    Removed flick input modifier.
    2024-02-16 Bug Fix #7
    - Improved FOV check.
    - Improved stability.
    - Fixed mei auto ice-block.
    - Fixed hanzo storm arrow.
    - Fixed aim assist (fixed awhile ago).
    - Fixed rage.
    - Improved backtrack, aim is now delayed in replay which means it's impossible to see backtrack!
    2024-02-14 Bug Fix #6
    Fixed Request Error on injection due to desynchronized mirrors.
    2024-02-13 Overwatch Game Update #2
    Forgot to update metadata, overwatch is now updated.

    2024-02-13 Overwatch Game Update #1
    Updated Battle.net to
    2024-02-12 Bug Fix #5
    - Fixed bastion ultimate causing a crash.
    - Fixed rare crash related to starting game.
    2024-02-11 Bug Fix #4
    Fixed a small bug, please reinject.
    2024-02-11 Overwatch Update #13
    - Added sojourn automatic railgun.
    - Added hog auto heal.
    - Added orisa auto gold.
    - Added mei auto ice-block.
    - Added junker queen auto shout (for allies in range as well).
    - Added zarya (basic) auto bubble.
    - Added reaper auto fade.
    - Added tracer auto recall.
    - Added baptiste regenerative burst.
    - Added moira auto fade.
    - Removed nano aimbot.
    - Fixed auto-lock hero.
    - Adjusted flick direction sensitivity.
    - Fixed a bug with resizing.

    2024-02-09 Spoofer Update #2
    We've updated the spoofer. Please run Clear Traces and Set Seed.
    2024-02-08 Overwatch Update #12
    - Added missing translations
    - Added fallback English text for Arabic
    2024-02-08 Infra Update #3
    We now fully support IPv6 only devices. Fixes connection issues in mainland china.
    2024-02-05 Overwatch Update #11
    - Added Distance Scale, Reaction Time, Delay Position, Velocity Multiplier to flick.
    - Fixed aimbot getting stuck when target like kiriko uses ability to teleport.
    - Added Cassidy auto-roll to reload.
    2024-02-05 Overwatch Update #10
    - Reworked flick, added 2 new options: reaction time and delay position.
    - Increased range for interpolation.
    - [!] Added killcam fucker.
    2024-02-04 Steam Update #2
    Steam is now supported. Unloading the driver is required.
    2024-02-04 Steam Update #1
    Sorry, steam version is still not supported - it's a different version of the game. Copy .exe from battle.net to steam to fix it until we support it.
    2024-02-04 Overwatch Update #9
    - Fixed steam version not injecting.
    2024-02-03 General Update #1
    - Changed Singapore server host.
    - Fixed bsod with driver loading. HVCI has to be disabled if you cannot load the driver or disable driver blacklist.
    - Fixed injection issues due to desynced mirrors.
    2024-02-02 Overwatch Update #8
    - Changed smoothing method to linear rotation for flick and ability aimbot.
    - Fixed ability aimbot cancelling too often.
    - Added profile explorer/profile publishing.
    - Fixed target selection not working as intended.
    - Fixed few UI inconsistencies.
    - Updated translations.

    This update might seem small, but it has few major changes that completely change how it feels to use Wyvern.
    2024-02-01 Launcher Update #9
    Fixed bsod when loading the driver due to READ_ONLY_MEMORY stop code.
    2024-01-31 Overwatch Update #7
    Fixed trigger-bot setting ""Time Until Shootable (Visible)"" not working as intended on prediction heroes.
    2024-01-31 Overwatch Update #6
    Fixed gui not working properly until you're in-game. Pushed other misc backlogged fixes.
    2024-01-29 Launcher Update #8
    - Added hwid spoofer card.

    Load spoofer without a subscription or any cheat. This is useful for account leveling and keeping your main account safe if your main PC is flagged. This also helps to battle account locking due to changing HWID by setting consistent values.
    2024-01-29 Launcher Update #7
    - Fixed login information being lost on update.
    - Added translations and locale information.
    2024-01-27 Overwatch Update #5
    - Removed ability aim assist, caused issues with ability aimbot.
    - Fixed ana sleep dart, brigitte mace, orisa spear, reinhardt firestrike, roadhog hook, sigma rock and tracer pulse-bomb having incorrect timing.
    - Redid junkerqueen knife.
    - Fixed prefer-head bug with prediction.
    - Changed flick aimbot to be more accurate.
    - Fixed kunai bugs with that happened Kiriko, affected trigger and flick aimbot.
    - Fixed fov expansion on locked targets.
    - Fixed fov circle visualization.
    2024-01-26 Infra Update #2
    Added a Seoul server in Korea.
    2024-01-26 Overwatch Update #4
    - Fixed input blocking not working as intended (missing was caused by this as the first input was sometimes not blocked!).
    - Limited ultimate charge esp to 5 heroes.
    - Fixed ana flick-track-flick not going back to flick after the first shot.
    - Fixed ashe shooting when input is queued during the scope animation.
    - Fixed bugs with tracking.
    - Fixed Reinhardt shield not being considered as a shield.
    - Fixed rip-tire not having an aimbot... or a hitbox.
    - Fixed black bars breaking the GUI (wide screen resolution).
    2024-01-23 Spoofer Update #1
    - Added spoofing for variables that persist across installations. You must still run ""Clear HWID Traces"" after fresh install of windows.

    We cannot go into details for obvious reasons.
    2024-01-23 Overwatch Update #3
    - Fixed few aim bugs.
    - Added prefer head targeting option.
    - Fixed auto melee targeting invalid entities.
    2024-01-21 Launcher Update #6
    We have added 2 hour trials for every game.
    2024-01-21 Overwatch Update #2
    We've improved the trigger bot and added more options. Remember, that you might need to set the FOV to >500 to fit your playstyle.
    2024-01-21 Launcher Update #5
    - Fixed loader error that would cause nvoclock.sys BSOD.
    2024-01-21 Bug Fix #3
    - Fixed cheat not using the best server.
    - Improved nvidia gpu spoofing.
    2024-01-20 Progress Update #1
    We're currently working on features such as profile explorer, auto-abilities, referral system, system-wide kernel-mode spoofer and a different game which we will release shortly!

    For the profile explorer you will be able to export your profiles for others to use. There will be a likes system where the top profiles will be ranked at the top. There will be the ability to update profiles with new versions which will be in the details section in the profile explorer which will allow users to find your new up-to-date profiles even if they don't have many likes yet. The best profiles will be pinned at the top and even provided as default to new users. Good profiles will be rewarded with credits.

    We will also be implementing a referral system that will allow you to generate a unique link, if the user has never accessed wyvern and makes a purchase by visiting wyvern with your link you will be rewarded a cut of the credits they purchase over a set time.

    For overwatch we're working on auto-abilities, we will be mostly focusing on cancellations as that requires knowledge of the game, skill and reaction time, but before that we will be improving the ability aimbot.

    The new game we will be releasing is Call of Duty, the beta will come out soon to Wyvern Ultimate subscribers.

    The primary issue with current blizzard bans is that it flags your system forever, that means raging or using detected providers gets your computer flagged permanently and the only known way to fix it is to reinstall your system while formatting the C:/ drive. We're working on a major upgrade for our kernel-mode spoofer to allow us to make permanent hwid bans a thing of the past. **For now avoid raging or using detected providers.** If you are already flagged, reinstall the system as our new spoofer will only prevent future bans, it will not prevent bans from other providers or bans that already flagged your main system!
    2024-01-20 Overwatch Update #1
    - Fixed scaling issues.
    - Fixed bugs with flick aimbot.
    - Fixed shoot shields not working as intended.
    - Fixed mei secondary settings not saving.
    2024-01-18 Launcher Update #4
    - Added support for picking the best server available.

    Asia download speeds are up by around 35x (643mbps vs 17mbps!).
    Response times for asia are also 95% faster (10ms vs 180ms!).
    2024-01-16 Infra Update #1
    - We've upgraded our nodes to offer better availability.
    - End-to-End encrypted all of the traffic between nodes to guarantee security of user data.
    - Reduced load latency by 58%.
    - Increased download speeds by 38%.
    - Deployed Singapore server for connectivity in Asia.

    While the Singapore server is deployed, it's currently not used until the next launcher update.
    2024-01-16 Launcher Update #3
    - Clear HWID traces will now terminate bnet.
    - Will automatically close overwatch on launch.
    - Fixed a bug where auto-update would fail if you had the launcher already open.
    - Fixed subscription purchases not working on cancelled subscriptions due to refunds.
    2024-01-15 Bug Fix #2
    - Fixed driver not loading.
    2024-01-15 Launcher Update #2
    - Revamped few design elements.
    - Enabled redeeming of keys.
    - Improved form submit handling.
    - Improved user-mode (permanent) hwid spoofing.
    - Enabled purchasing of subscriptions.
    2024-01-14 Bug Fix #1
    Fixed driver BSOD with Kernel Mode spoofing when HWID seed is set.
    2024-01-14 Driver Update #1
    - Enabled HWID spoofing.

    This only works if your hwid is not set to 0 (in settings). You also need to unload and load again when changing HWID. However, rebooting is recommended.
    2024-01-12 Game Update #1
    Overwatch updated to Game Version
    2024-01-12 Launcher Update #1
    - Added the ability to change your password.
    - Implemented HWID seeding and the ability to set a custom seed for your system.
    - Added an option to clear Blizzard traces (Make sure to set/randomize your seed if you've gotten banned).
    - Fixed some styling bugs.
    2024-01-06 Overwatch Change Log #13
    - Fixed the input system to be in-sync with the game.
    - Updated the profile system to fix design flaws. (Old profiles have been deleted.)
    - Fixed deceleration not saving.
    - Fixed aim assist not working at all.
    - Fixed track reaction time that made it really blatant when targets changed direction.
    - Fixed ability activation on shields.
    - Roadhog projectile speed updated to new value after the update.
    - Fixed hook ability refusing to aimbot in rare cases.
    - Fixed reaper using aimbot during shadowstep.
    - Fixed sojourn not aimbotting during ultimate and added more features.
    - Fixed baptiste ignoring some input-blocking states.
    - Fixed genji auto-melee causing ultimate to no longer swing.
    - Added flick-shot for primary fire.
    - Fixed zenyatta settings not saving.
    - Fixed cassidy using aimbot during ultimate.
    2024-01-04 Wyvern News #1
    - Enabled registrations.
    2023-12-27 Overwatch Change Log #12
    - Minor bug fixes.
    - Fixed the final crash.
    - Preparing for the full release of the Overwatch cheat.
    2023-12-22 Overwatch Change Log #11
    - Fixed network related crash.
    - Flick-bot was updated to hit more consistent.
    - Fixed a few launcher bugs.
    2023-12-16 Overwatch Change Log #10
    - Fixed chinese glyphs.
    - Reduced memory requirements by 5x on some languages.
    - Fixed the rest of the crashes related to memory.
    - Fixed kiriko dagger no longer working.
    - Fixed mauga health.
    - Fixed mauga ultimate shield.
    - Fixed misc health pool bugs.
    2023-12-14 Overwatch Change Log #9
    - Fixed most of the crashes.
    - New launcher nearly finished. Rolling out today or tomorrow.
    - Added new hero support.
    - Fixed max hp check. (Support heroes)
    - Improved auto melee.
    - Sojourn fixes.
    - Visibility check fixes.
    2023-12-05 Overwatch News #3
    Trying to fix crashes / avoiding adding new features that could cause more issues.
    2023-12-03 Overwatch Change Log #8
    - Fixed one of the crashes related to mapping.
    - Fixed a rare injection crash.
    - Improved projectile aiming.
    - Added auto-update to the launcher.
    - Fixed reported hero bugs.
    - Fixed scaling for selected hero and the logo.
    2023-11-29 Overwatch Change Log #7
    - Reworked track aimbot.
    - Few crash fixes.
    - Fixed hero bugs.
    2023-11-29 Overwatch News #2
    Overwatch beta 3rd stage has finally begun! All users who have used Eden in the past are able to sign up using their old accounts and use Overwatch Beta for free.
    2023-11-28 Overwatch Change Log #6
    - A lot of bug fixes.
    - Backend restructuring.
    2023-11-27 Overwatch Change Log #4
    - Stability improvements.
    - Release-Type flick aimbot fixes
    - Added crash reporting system for in-game modules.
    - Added assist to flick aimbot.
    - More hero specific/missing state fixes.
    - Improved rage.
    - Fixed scaling on unusual scaling factors.
    - Fixed reaper crash.
    - Continued improvements on the UI.
    2023-11-26 Overwatch News #1
    Overwatch beta 2nd state is now live available to all users who have 1 years worth of Eden subscription time! We will continue responding to feedback and improving the gameplay experience.
    2023-11-25 Overwatch Change Log #3
    - Bypassed regional blocking in china/russia.
    - Auto melee adjustments.
    - Improved some UI elements.
    2023-11-24 Overwatch Change Log #2
    - Added an keybind option to the home screen.
    - Added an option for Click To Flick (Advanced Tab).
    - Added an option for Block Input (Advanced Tab).
    - Checking now properly if game is in focus (cheat paused when tabbed out).
    - Added automatically switching reduce buffering off and on, when tabbing out of the game to fix the well known fps issue that overwatch has.
    - Fixed auto melee punching hero entities that are not playable.
    - More hero fixes.
    2023-11-23 Overwatch Change Log #1
    - Added a home screen menu.
    - Fixed a crash if opened menu too early.
    - Fixed keybind component not working for macro keyboards.
    - Fixed changing language too fast crashing the game.
    - Fixed hitbox drawing during kill-cam.
    - Added simple rage toggle.
    - Added positioning to ultimate ESP.
    - Fixed bugs in some heroes.
    - Refactored large parts of the project.
    - Improved FPS for prediction.
    - Updated driver compiler.
    - Fixed KMODE_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION bsod race condition in windows.
    - Improved track aimbot.
    2023-11-20 Overwatch Beta Stage 1
    Overwatch beta 1st stage is finally out! Rolling out to a select list of players to help us fix any breaking bugs that might be present.

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