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    3 Lvl 80's (Mage, Warr, Druid) all 5k+ GS - and more! (EU)

    Hiya, first time seller through forums, but i've grown tired of WoW and have decided to sell them through a site and people on it that i believe i can trust (i hope).

    Anyhow, account contains:
    ***All on same realm but available for transfer if needed***
    Lvl 80 Mage - dual spec. 5.2k GS with both pvp and pve sets
    Lvl 80 Warr - dual spec. 5k~ GS with both Tank and Arms DPS sets
    Lvl 80 Druid - dual spec. 4.5k GS with Boomkin, 4.3~ GS with Healing and Feral sets

    ***All alts have their share of heirloom gear, weps, armor etc, for easier leveling***
    Lvl 66 Rogue - Good gear with 60+ enchants (made by mage, 450 ench) easy to level
    Lvl 59 DK - The usual :P
    Lvl 30 Hunter
    Lvl 30 Warlock
    Lvl 28 Shaman
    Lvl 27 Paladin

    Also on the account, should be around 2-4k Gold, spread across all characters, and inside the guild bank (owned by my mage) LOADS of enchant scrolls probably worth alot or to be used for leveling etc. In addition to the main account with all those characters above, is also 3 secondary accounts on the same battle.net account, one of which with a lvl 60 Priest and a lvl 71 Paladin (same realm as above), but the other 2 accounts are empty, but gives you the option to Multiplay or whatever its called, cant remember now.
    Oh and I am the original owner of the account.

    Will link you armory links upon request, but please email me for them, do not want to post them public for fear of ban by blizz

    Any offers or questions regarding this auction, please email: [email protected]

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