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    Bannok Grimaxe Soloing Guide (with video)

    Link for video:

    Guides: Bannok Grimaxe

    Finding and Soloing Bannok Grimaxe

    Bannok Grimaxe is a rare spawn in Lower Blackrock Spires. He has a rare drop of Plans: Arcanite Reaper. The Arcanite Reaper is a very powerful two handed axe which often faces some controversy as people say that it is overpowered and needs nerfed. (But then according to the same masses what doesnít need to be nerfed?)

    Starting Information:

    1. Bannok spawn rate: Approximately 2-5% (Estimation is based on several hundred runs.)

    2. Plan drop rate: Approximately 10% (Estimation based on 10 kills and compaired to and

    3. Bannok always spawns in the same cluster of tents right before the named spider. However he does not always spawn at the same spot. He is always sitting Indian style and will spawn in 1 of 3 locations.

    3A. With your back to the river of lava facing the tents he will spawn under the hut closest to you on your left. He will be facing away from you looking towards the other orcs.
    3B. Moving down the corridor between the tents he will spawn in the corner on your right and he will be facing the direction of the first spawn point.

    3C. Continuing down the corridor and into the large open area with the two giant cartís he will be sitting beside the big cart on your left at the front of it facing towards the sleeping guys behind the opposite cart. (Right at the edge of the wall where it turns left and heads towards the spiders.)

    4. You must be level 60 to attempt soloing Bannok. While you might able to kill him by himself below level 60 it will be next to impossible to get him with out aggroing friends.

    5. Crippling Poison is not necessary as he will not run away at low health.

    6. Make a macro that is /target Bannok and put it on your bar.

    7. For those wondering I am a 21/8/22 build.

    Getting to and Finding Bannok Grimaxe:

    1. Upon entering Blackrock Spires you will want to pick pocket one of the guards in the first room. (Explained later)

    2. Watch for Patrollers and the Orc that paths back and forth from the fire in the first room. Go up the ramp to the right and immediately turn right towards the broken ledge and jump down.

    3. Go down the ramp towards the Orcs and two Worgs. There is a patrol of 2 Orcs that go in and out of the door so watch out for them.

    4. Going in the door you follow it until you see a small group of Orcs right outside the exit of the hall youíre in. Hug the wall going right and jump off the ledge. There is a small ledge below that you can land on and yes its very dark on that ledge. (Be sure to hug the wall or you might land in the lava and die.)

    5. Hugging the wall move forward until you come to the end and jump off. You are now in a corner on another ledge. Follow the new wall left until you come to the end of it. Looking down you should see a bunch of Orcs. Be sure to watch out for the single patroller and jump when itís clear.

    6. Move so that youíre at the edge of tents and press your Bannok key you made. (/target Bannok) If heís up go to the next part of the guide if heís not continue with the next step. You will be able to target him at all three locations with the macro even from the front of the huts, make sure to go to the edge of the huts though.

    7. Ok so heís not up it is now time to head back up and reset the instance. (Expect this to happen a lot!) Follow the river of lava left and continue down that path. Youíll come to a part with a troll who is very close to the wall that. You can safely walk behind him with out him aggroing you. But I advise not lingering to see what happens.

    8. After continuing down the path youíll come into a large room full of Trolls. You have to cross the room and go up the ramp on the other side. (Again watch for patrollers there are several groups.)

    9. Going up the ramp immediately turn right and go up the next ramp. You should now see 4 Trolls all facing each other. You can safely walk in between them with out drawing aggro. However be sure to watch out for the single patrolling Troll that goes from left to right and back.

    10. Turn left and go up the ramp after reaching the top head for the door on the right side. There is one troll who will path through the door and then go back just outside the door to a stationary position be sure to watch out for him when going through this door.

    11. After going through the door go up the ramp and immediately turn right. (Between the large pillar and the wall) You should come out near 3 Ogres. Hug the pillar go left.

    12. Heading left you will see a series of rope bridges on your left hand side. Go across those bridges.

    13. After crossing all the bridges there should be a ramp on the right side leading upwards. Go up that ramp and youíll find yourself at the door where you hugged the wall and jumped off the ledge in the beginning. From here getting out should be easy.

    14. To reset the instance just invite some one while youíre in the instance and then leave the group. (Be sure to be near the exit so that you have time to get out before you get kicked to the inn your hearthstone is bound)

    15. After leaving the exit just go back in and Pick Pocket the same NPC you did before. If he has any loot you know itís a new instance. If his pockets are empty you will know itís the instance you where in before.

    Soloing Bannok Grimaxe:

    Basic Information:

    1. Donít bother trying to back stab as there is not enough room to move around and back stab him in location 2 or 3. For this fight I just pulled my never before used Thrash Blade out of the bank and spammed Sinister strike.

    2. Crippling poison is not necessary as he does no run away.

    3. Open with Ambush when possible as you will want to immediately move back so that you donít aggro Bannokís buddies.

    Location 1:

    1. For this location I first wait for the patroller and after he starts going down the corridor between the tents I distract him. (Gives me an extra 10 seconds before he comes back)

    2. I then open with a Cold Blood Ambush and immediately walk backwards towards the lava. (If not his friends will aggro.)

    3. Immediately use Evasion and spam Sinister Strike and Eviscerate. (Use Cold Blood on Eviscerate if you havenít used it yet)

    4. Now use preparation if you have it and use Evasion again once it wears off.

    5. Spam Sinister Strike and Eviscerate (With Cold Blood if you have preparation) until heís dead. Use a potion if necessary. (For me I would finish each fight with about 1k hp left with out using a potion.)

    6. Loot as quickly as possible and re-stealth before the roamer comes back. (You wonít have much time and might have to stealth before looting.)

    Location 2:

    1. This is basically the same as location 1 the only difference being is the positioning for the fight. I tried to position him so that I was in the corner hitting him. But it turned out he would be out of range of my attacks but he could still hurt me. (Maybe itís a gnome thing?)

    2. He is in the corner and you have two walls one very small and the other a very long one. Hug the small part of the wall and use your opener use the same tactics as location 1. (Nothing will aggro you.)

    Location 3:

    1. It is not possible to use an opener on this guy with out aggroing the other 3 orcs near by. (You will die very quickly.)

    2. Make sure you have him targeted and go into the corner amongst the crates behind the big cart. Pull him to you with your ranged weapon. (Line of site is not an issue with the cart.)

    3. Use the same strategy as the previous two locations for this part you might need a heal potion

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