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    OwnedCore Report #129 - WoW News Galore >Sponsored by Eldorado<

    To say there has been a lot of news under the World of Warcraft umbrella since the last Report would be an understatement. This article will be covering everything you may have missed if you don't check up on your WoW news everyday like some of us.

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    • World of Warcraft News

    In case you missed the last front page article Shadowlands officially has a release date and that is November 23rd. With this announcement came a brand new story trailer and information on the PvP season + Raiding schedule.

    • Pre-Launch event will be November 10th

    • Castle Nathria raid launches December 8th

    • Season 1 PvP December 8th

    The timing on some of these dates get very interesting once we get into the next topic which is....Classic WoW Naxxramas.


    In a post a few days ago by Blizzard the date for 1.13.6 was announced.

    • Testing goes live December 1st

    • Scourge Invasion + Naxxramas Raid goes live WORLDWIDE on December 3rd

    There is a lot coming with this patch and you can find all the bits and pieces in this post

    Some interesting takes from this Naxx patch news can be had. The obvious being Shadowlands raids come out less than 1 week after Naxx. There has been a lot of controversy over this seeing that WoW is in a sense almost competing with itself. A lot of people played Classic for Naxxramas alone. It's the raid not many finished or even attempted due to the original BC announcement. Now we get a second chance to relive what could have been and we will be confronted with this challenge to balance both new retail content along with new Classic content. Some people who are burnt on Classic are glad so they can one and done KT but I can't help but think this is a terrible date for Naxx. Maybe the Shadowlands delay kind of messed it all up.

    On top of this one notable issue is the attunement and the raid come out the same day. This might not seem like a big deal at first glance but when you consider world firsts and server firsts you start to realize how this can become a mess. Any guild on a healthy faction balance PvP server will never get attuned and into Naxx faster than a guild on a dead PvP server or a PvE server. For example Apes in EU, one of the strongest contenders, isn't even going for world first anymore because they know they will just get griefed in the process of getting attuned and getting inside. Where as the US guild Onslaught is on a dead PvP server where it is 99% Horde and they will have no issue speed running around EPL and getting inside.

    All in all this Naxx release date and release style is a very underwhelming way to end Classic.

    Is Multi-Boxing Dead?

    A new policy update by Blizzard is creating quite the stir. A simple sentence in one post that states "The use of input broadcasting software that mirrors keystrokes to multiple WoW game clients will soon be considered an actionable offense." has people thinking multiboxing might be dead in WoW for good. Something many have yearned for for years. But it might not be so simple. According to many people in the community other games have had similar stances but just never took enough frequent action against the users doing so that it made a difference. An example that gets brought up a lot is EVE Online. Another issue is multi-boxing is doable via key broadcast at the driver level so you might not even need something like ISBoxer to multi-box efficiently. Either way Blizzard is putting it out there that it's an actionable offense and maybe we will see a resurgence in a more clean less multi-boxed WoW in Shadowlands. Dare I say it could even help fix the inflated economy due to multi-boxer's gathering the same node at the same time basically duping herbs legally.

    Blizzconline will be free

    In the most recent Blizzard Fireside Chat, shown above, J. Allen Brack states that Blizzconline will be free to watch in its entirety. Blizzconline is on February 19th-20th. This may also be why the Sprite Darter Wings transmog entered the Blizzard shop recently. Like last year they were probably going to be the virtual ticket and Blizzcon attendees transmog reward for buying into Blizzcon but since Blizzcon is now free they put it in the shop for all to buy. Not sure how to feel about this.

    Warchief Gaming

    Chris Metzen announced a new venture he is on in gaming. Warchief Gaming. In this video he discusses what we can expect from Warchief Gaming and spoiler alert...its tabletop games!

    It was a privilege to be able to work on all those worlds at Blizzard for all those years. But in this phase of my life, I guess I would say out loud, I’m interested in owning my own ideas. I’m interested in being able to develop them the way my gut tells me I should, without oversight of people I don’t know. That’s a big theme for me, that ownership and authorship

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