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    Streaming on OwnedCore

    Before we get into the details let me stress that we here at OwnedCore want your feedback and this newest implementation is no different. Feedback. Feedback. Feedback. Whether its UI, functionality, or anything under the sun please feel free to share your thoughts.

    We here at OwnedCore have something special. A community that has been built over 10+ years comes and checks in for guides, exploits, gold purchasing, or just to socialize. Thousands of people are entering and leaving the website daily. It is now 2020 the year of streaming and a real possibility of making a living off playing video games. If you have ever streamed recently you know the struggle of exposure. It’s what people need to have a fighting chance otherwise you are buried past where a normal viewer browses. What we have implemented should help you combat that. OwnedCore has now welcomed a streaming section where time slots of 3 hours can be bid on to plug any stream you want both Twitch and Youtube. So now people on OwnedCore can come by your stream after checking in to see if there’s a new way to make tons of gold in WoW or check the latest TurboHUD update for Diablo 3. More exposure.

    Like most things OwnedCore this is bid on via CoreCoins which can be purchased HERE.

    You can click on the Streaming tab in the picture above to get started. Here is where you will see either a former bidder streaming or one of the OwnedCore chosen default streams. Above the stream is your options. Live, Bidding, Bidding History, My Channels, Add Channel.

    Let's break down what these do.

    Live - The default section where you watch streams

    Bidding - Here is your access to bidding for time slots to plug your stream. On the far left it is the time window associated with the row you're bidding on. All times are based on UTC time zone. Next to this is the current bid in CoreCoins that this time slot is at. If it says N/A there is no bid for that time slot yet. In the middle is the current winning user which essentially just shows you who has the top bid for that time slot. Second from the right is how long that time slot has left to be bid on. This is also the time until that time slots stream goes live. On the far right is the option to "Start Bidding" or "Outbid". Outbid means others have bid on that time slot and Start Bidding is for time slots that have had no bids yet. This UI is subject to change and we would love feedback on it.

    When you click Start Bidding or Outbid you are presented with the picture above. Simply choose your channel (continue reading to learn how to add channels) and enter your bid.

    Bidding History - Simply the bidding history for the OC streaming section

    My Channels - You have to add a channel to your account before you can bid. This section shows you all channels you have added to yours.

    Add Channel - Here is where you can add the channel you want. You are presented with Channel Title, Type, and Channel ID. Title is the title of your stream on OC. Type is a drop down between Twitch and Youtube. Once the type is chosen you can insert a channel ID. There are examples of where you can find your channel ID underneath. The ID is not the full URL of your stream. Lastly the options of do you want your stream on autoplay when people tune in and do you want it muted or not when people tune in.

    Hopefully we can grow our community while also helping each other grow their streaming platforms. Don't forget to give us feedback in the replies below. We look forward to watching some of your content!

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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