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    OwnedCore Report #91 - World of Warcraft >Sponsored by BlazingBoost<

    100 is nearing but today, on the 91st OC Report, we are once again all about the beloved World of Warcraft. It's nice to finally be able to have weekly news to talk about when it comes to World of Warcraft ever since Classic has dropped.

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    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    Let's Start With WoW

    As you can see in the picture above Party Sync looks to be done and ready for 8.2.5...in a few months. This new system allows you to play with friends of all levels doing any sort of content. Everybody in the party becomes aligned once Party Sync is turned on. This means the same phase, the same quest, etc. There is even a feature to replay a quest which means if your friend needs help with a quest chain in Westfall but you have already done that quest chain you can now replay the quest and align yourself with them in it to help them. The exception to this rule is World Quests and Dailies. Some other things to note are when your level gets scaled it only gets scaled to the cap of the expansion your friend's level is in. If they are 63 you will be capped at 70 for BC. Unlike Timewalking this is more than just a decrease in overall stats but rather skills will even be limited to reflect the temporary level you are at. Definitely an interesting feature and realistically what we probably all want from this is not the ability to just help a friend in a lowbie quest but rather a way to ABUSE IT FOR GOLD!!!!

    The WoW Server Blades are also back for their 15th anniversary. This time they are a bit different though and these differences might make or break your opinion on them. So they are not server specific like the old ones since that is not how the Blades work anymore. This means your Blade is just generic other than a serial code on it. You won't have "Illidan-US" Server Blade because it doesn't exist. Like the last time the Server Blade is not functional either. Another huge bummer is there are no autographs on it like the last ones either. If you remember correctly the last ones included autographs from members across the WoW team on the case the Blade was in. This one does not include that.

    It could still be thought of as an investment or just a nice piece to have but if your just looking to make money off flipping it be careful as these might not be as sought after as the old ones due to the points above.

    A full Q&A was posted in our WoW General section which can be (Server Blades are Back)found here

    Layering in Dungeon's Exploit

    If you have been out of the loop and not checking our Classic WoW Exploit section there has been a viral exploit that people are abusing in dungeons for Classic WoW. This is a dungeon layer exploit that allows you to leave the party inside the instance, reset the instance and putting you on a new layer, and reinvite your old party who also hasn't left. This can all be done right after killing a specific boss and than remaking a group to kill it again without reclearing the dungeon. Personally I have seen people abusing this for the epic items that drop off specific bosses in BRD but also a great way to get your UBRS key from LBRS with gem drops. I would abuse this now if you plan on it because it has gone viral in the last 48 hours and will be fixed probably during tomorrow's reset.

    Blizzard has made a statement on this issue:

    We’ve recently become aware of a bug that could be exploited to allow instanced encounters to be completed repeatedly. We have developed a fix for the issue, and we are in the process of deploying it worldwide.

    Realm restarts are scheduled for 3:00 a.m. PDT (6:00 a.m. EDT) in order to apply this fix.

    As soon as possible, we will identify those who knowingly abused this bug in exploitative manner. We will then take appropriate punitive measures.

    As a reminder, Blizzard’s End User License Agreement 2 defines cheats as “methods not expressly authorized by Blizzard, influencing and/or facilitating the gameplay, including exploits of any in-game bugs, and thereby granting you and/or any other user an advantage over other players not using such methods.”

    As always, thank you for your feedback on this matter.
    So as always use this at your own risk.

    Clips of the Week

    Watch what you say around the youngster

    New Streaming Meta

    When you need water NOW

    New species of ants

    Flash me in!
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    Server blades out of stock already, shocker!

    Great post as always Kenneth

  3. Thanks Kenneth (1 members gave Thanks to Yawnstar for this useful post)

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