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    OwnedCore Report #84 - Mythic World First Race >Sponsored by Eldorado<

    Welcome to the OC Report #84. This week we have some fun news including the race to world first starting and shaping up to be a nail biter, Fortnite adding one of their best in-game events to date to start off a new story line, and The Witcher Netflix series released their Official Teaser. On top of the news we have community highlights and OC news which we need feedback on!

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    This OwnedCore Report is Sponsored by Eldorado

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    OC News

    If you use OwnedCore you know about the ShoutBawx. It has been a staple on the website for many years now. We heard requests to upgrade the ShoutBawx especially with games like Classic WoW right around the corner. We decided this is in fact the right move for OC to make and we need your feedback! A whole thread has been made with tons of feedback so far and the more we get the better we can make this new ShoutBawx. Whether its a technical addition, a cosmetic addition, or anything else we want to hear from you.

    So go on over to the original thread which can be accessed by clicking right (ShoutBawx Update - Need Feedback) HERE

    Community Highlights

    ShoutBawx feedback thread

    Found HERE

    Dungeon Raw Gold Farm by Advanta

    Found HERE

    Out of Bounds in Nazjatar by the SenpaiExplorerChicks

    Found HERE

    Potential escape of Emerald Dreamway by 403Forbidden

    Found HERE

    No longer works but was a great find for purchasing WoW for cheap by Kaizuken

    Found HERE

    Buy Mrrl's items twice a day by Snowee

    Found HERE

    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    The World First Mythic Race

    Queen Azshara has yet to be killed but the race to world first has been great nonetheless. Limit and Method have been streaming since the release of the raid on Tuesday/Wednesday. Limit was in fact first to 7/8 but they had 24 hour head start due to being from the NA. Right now both are on the last boss and as of this post Limit is getting the boss to about 50% while Method is around 70%. Method chose to do Heroic splits after getting 6/8 and realizing the 7th boss had some really tight damage checks and it seemed to pay off as they killed the boss pretty fast after they returned from Heroic. Limit has yet to do their Heroic splits and are on more of a time crunch as many of the members already have to start going back to work and/or school where as Method doesn't seem to have this issue.

    If you want to check out some of the content I suggest Method's official Twitch to watch them and for Limit I suggest watching the main tank's POV stream over the Red Bull official stream. The reason for this is because Limit's stream isn't silencing their Discord so you can hear everything going on and the mental process they go through during each boss and after each wipe.

    Method Stream

    Limit GM Stream

    Fortnite Monster vs Mech

    Fortnite might not have the steam it used to but these in-game events are undeniably amazing. The video above is what it looked like if you were playing as this once in a lifetime event happened. These events are not necessarily new as Fortnite has been using them for the last couple map changes but nonetheless they are still amazing to watch. This time it seems that the theme will be Monster vs Mech going into the next season. The two fought for about 5 minutes and it looked like the map was going to be changed pretty heavily based on their sheer size being thrown around the map but the only addition was a sword planted in a skull outside of the main city drop Neo Tilted. Nothing else seemed to get wrecked.

    People speculate this could change due to the mech plunging his arm into a device at Loot Lake. Due to this you now can see an orb floating over the center of this same device. What this orb does? Nobody knows yet but it could destroy the whole map! But probably not.

    The Witcher

    The trailer for Netflix original The Witcher is officially out and honestly looks pretty damn cool. There has been mixed feedback but that is kind of expected as it's an adaptation of a book now turned video-game now so there are fans who have different expectations. From some of the breakdowns I have watched what we see is most of the first book teased and a tiny bit of the 2nd book. Also the children from the books have actors who are older than they were portrayed in the book but this is normal in shows/movies because it's hard to find actors at the an even younger age to act well enough. Game of Thrones did this also with Arya and a bunch of the children from the notable families. I wonder if this is showing most of book 1 and there are 5 books does this mean Netflix will actually give us a 5 season show over their typical 3 and done style they have been accustomed to lately? I hope so.

    Will you be watching this?

    Clips of the Week

    Oh no

    This is next level streaming

    Nice 3k....?

    Big Brain Strats for Method

    Pubg is optimized in 2019

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