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    Fiction : The World of..

    Fiction World of..

    Is a story of who after the 3 world war go to the last isle of the world with plants , trees for make a new civilization with new humanoids,

    Characters , Story events , Future events , organizations , groups are fictional created.

    Chapter 1 "The World End"

    Hello . my name is Professor Grant i live to New york II and i work to biologic labs for make clones or new organisms. this is my story.

    I woke up from my bed is 9 September 2030
    i go to turn on the tv for see the news and i see to CNN main topic is
    Battered Union ( America , Europe , Africa ) Have announced a war versus the Red Union ( Asia , Australia ).They said " battered Union has launched 900 Nukes to red union and they will arrive in next 12 hours" And then the antenna lost the signal and i turn off the tv . I make every days works normally with nothing happening wen i returned home the night of this same day i turn on the Tv and i hear the baddest thing ever "Battered Union attack has make big damages on earth the scientists telling in a week all world will be a desert " ... and then the scientist say " In a week will die , is the world end !! " wen i hear it i crash my tv down ! And i start planning a plan to make this world survive !

    10 September 2030
    The people on the streets start running , thousands of cars , plans going away on the world internet , water , electricity , phone , hospitals , police wont work babes crying dead copses in the ground thefts taking all things in shops and rebels destroying the city.

    11 September 2030
    Finally i end my plan to make this world survive , i open the window for take some air after mad work and only thing i see is a desert entire city of Humans now is a desert only the home robots are in the houses and in the streets . So i started take all robots i can and request them to prepare some planes to transport entire biological laboratory to a island.

    12 September 2030
    All ready to go , i programmed the planes and i have go to the only world same place is a island were me and my co- scientists we make an shield for only human , electronic things can enter.

    13 September 2030 4 days to world end
    I reached with the planes the island and i start building the laboratory i work as mad for complete it.

    14 September 2030 3 Days to world end
    The laboratory is ready all genes , systems are in this island and i start work to clones all animals of the world from the genes i take .

    15 September 2030 2 Days to world end
    I Clone 10.000 of animal species and 1000 of each species , and i start working to the new humanoid specie

    16 September 2030 1 Day to world end
    Political , military want come to the island i stop them , i need killed 10.000 people for not make them enter.

    17 September 2030 World END!
    Well connected to a space station to see what happening to the world , i see New York , Washington , Paris , and other important cities with lot of people as mad tunning , at 12:00 o clock i hear an explosion a giant Light make me cannot see via satellite for 1 hour .Wen i see that i see the world yes no more exists America basil Asia Europe Australia Africa ! all is a desert yes only the island is the last place with life.

    Chapter 2 : "New humanoid specie"

    5 January 2042
    12 Years have passed after world end , my humanoids are ready. i leaved them to evolve for that years and now looks like a cow man but child's i need put them out from the special capsule.

    6 January 2042
    Well as i can say i has a little bastard i copy that humanoids from World of warcraft called " taurens " i dont see at eula don't create humanoids of that game... loll

    Well the tauren kids one female and other male Female name is Symenia and Males name is Jack

    Chapter 3: "The new world"

    5 august 2042
    Ahahah as i can say the tauren kid jack has give me a kick and cracked my leg . those kids... ouch...

    6 august 2042
    Tauren kids learned speak Latin ( is only language i remember to learn )

    10 august 2042
    Tauren kids learned hunt , cultivating , cooking , blacksmithing and other basics for survival

    XX December 2056
    The tauren child's have reach the 18 year old and started populating , make the civilization

    XX January 2057 ( i don't know )
    I see via satellite what is happening to other world , as i much i can see are dead copses walking i might is a satellite problem..

    I get 125 years old. Then i called the 2 taurens for answer them questions about their creation. ( taurens age is 35 and sons 10 - 12 )
    After telling them their all human bad things and all the last story they promised to make a better world. i make them get out Jack start saying NOOO and i destroy the laboratory. ( i make myself an android they don't know im alive )

    Well i see the new population taurens are in small villages and are peacefully.

    Yes this is World of ... S**T I CANT Write anymore battery has end!!!


    Copyright 2007
    If you copy it will warned.
    For grammatic corrections or requests please PM.

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    Re: Fiction : The World of..

    I enjoyed reading that. (It was funny ploiting your grammar)
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