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    [GUIDE][DUNGEON] Veteran Kel Voreth

    Today i will attempt to get you guys trough the veteran difficulty of Kel Voreth. I will list all the noteworthy trashmobs and all the bosses. For the bosses ill list all the abilities and the tactics we used to succesfully clear the instance.

    Noteworthy trash:
    bloodpit/voreth gladiator
    He has a Conal attack you can either interupt or simply avoid. Aside from that he will jump around a couple times which as well is easy to avoid.

    Bloodpit Necromancer
    She Spawns skeletons, pretty much ignore them they will die from the cleave damage. Once she casts Wail of the Dark Witch you want to dump you interupts on her, this will deal high damage to you party and can very easily wipe you.

    Enslaved Protector
    Spawns probes. Ignore them he will keep respawning them, they will cast self destruct and explode when the protector is dead. Just move away from them and its fine Aside from that he will cast Exterminate, a high damage targeted aoe wich you can either avoid or interupt.

    Enslaved Augmentor and Voreth Mechano Slaver
    These 2 will spawn together. The Augmentor will cast rejuvenate and sawblades. You want to interupt rejuvenate as that will heal all the mobs, Saw blades is easily avoidable. The Voreth Mechano Slaver will cast Mighty Swing, a high damage frontal cone attack. You probably will want your stuns/interupts for the rejuvenate so avoid it at all costs.

    Voreth Dark Witch
    She will mainly cast massive aoe dmg abilities which can and should be interupted, aside from that she also puts a debuf on your team. Just stack up for the heals and interupt everything possible. Have your healer cleanse where possible.

    Voreth Beastmaster
    This will spawn with 2 dogs. The dogs will jump around to players, so have everyone stacked up. The Beast master will cast a high damage smash that you need to interupt.

    Grond the Corpsemaker
    An interuptable cast where the boss will start kicking his hind legs in a circulare direction. This also knocks back and deals more damage the further away you are.

    The boss will do an AoE around himself knocking players back.

    Shortly after Bellow the boss will fall over and adds will spawn. Failing to deal with the adds will result in them exploding dealing high aoe damage and splitting up in 2.

    The boss will jump to a random member and deal high amount of damage. Unavoidable, deal with it.

    Murderous Frenzy:
    The boss will use this below 40%. He will cast a high damage frontal cone attack and will recieve a stacking buff increasing his damage.

    This is a rather easy boss. The room will be filled with traps, wich i will address its use later on, avoid them for now. You will want to tank the boss near the center of the room, while making sure that people are a safe distance away from the traps incase they get knocked back.

    The main ability he will use is his "Trash", interupt this asap and it should be fine untill the boss will use "Bellow". During the below cast people will get knocked back and the boss will spawn 4 adds. The only way to get rid of the adds in time is to kite them to the traps. The easiest way to deal with this is to have your team stack up behind the traps right after his "Bellow" cast, the adds will be fixated on a random member(not the tank). If your team is standing behind the traps the adds should move into the them by default. If this takes to long the adds will split up in 2 and you have to get rid of them the same way.

    After the adds are dealt with you simply return dps on the boss dealing with "Trash" and "Bellow" accordingly untill 40%. After the boss hits 30% he will cast "Murderous Frenzy" and will use a frontal cone attack aswell as leaving a stacking buff on the boss increasing his damage. Everyone except for the tank should be at stacked at the side so it shouldn't be an issue. Aside from the "Murderous Frenzy" the boss will still using his other abilities making it a sort of a DPS race.

    Darkwitch Gurka(optional)
    Afflicted Soil:
    This will spawn several lines of telegraphs which will deal moderate damage and slows you. This on its own isn't dangerous, however in combination with other abilities fatal.

    Deadly Defilement:
    This is deadly, dealing ~20k damage on light. The boss will channel this ability during which she will spawn telegraphs underneath everyone that explode shortly after.

    Blinding Darkness:
    An interruptable cast. Failing to interupt this will cause blindness for a long duration. Don't suck and interrupt it.

    Theoreticly on paper an easy boss however execution can be hectic. You want to tank the boss in the center of the room, this will give you the most space to deal with her abilities. The main abilities you want to look out for are "Afflicted Soil" and "Deadly Defilement". "Afflicted Soil" is simply move sideways out of it. When she casts "Deadly Defilement" move directly away from the boss making sure you dont move into/with other members. The easiest way to deal with this is to before the pull decide who goes which direction. At some point the boss will cast "Blinding Darkness" which is interuptable, and you should. Failing to interupt will cause blindness making it frustratingly hard to avoid the other casts you can obviously not see. Simply rinse and repeat and it should go down fairly easy IF your group is coordinated, moves accordingly and use their interupts at the right moments.

    Slavemaster Drokk
    Will put a tether on a random person, either kill the tether or use a CC removal to get rid of it.

    Suppression Wave:
    An AoE ring pulsing around and away from the boss, dealing mediocre damage and stunning briefly.

    In its core this is a 2phase fight. Every 20% you knock of the boss he will vanish and start an phase involving droids in some way or another, making this a staggering 7phase encounter with each phase bringing something new to the table. So i will be going over it phase by phase.

    p1 Main boss 100%>80%:
    Simply tank and spank untill ~80%. During this phase there will be small red telegraphs on the ground doin little damage but can be easily avoided

    p2 First transition:
    Once the boss hits 80% he will hide behind the green wall and spawn a bunch of droids. These drois will start a self destruct sequence exploding for lethal damage if not dealth with. The easiest way is to just stack at the green wall untill all the droids have spawned, at this point you want to kill the droid closest to the boss and just wait it out till the next phase.

    p3 Main boss 80%>60%:
    This phase is exactly the same as phase 1 with the addition of the probes for the first transition phase. There will be spawning 2 droids at the same time and they will move to a random player and start their self destruct. When the droids explode you have to keep in mind that the telegraph will grow pretty large, so dont stand near them. This will last until ~60% and he will go into his second transition phase.

    p4 Second transition:
    Once at 60% the boss will vanish again. This time there will be a debuf on a random player causing a considerable DoT and the the droids that spawn to chase this person. If the droids reach this person it will explode and kill this person and they will pick a new target. After roughly 15 seconds the adds will cast reorientate and they will fixate on a new person. The easiest way to deal with this is to have everyone bring roots/snares/stuns and help to keep them away from the target at all times. The person kiting needs to make sure he/she will have enough room to move and call out when the debuf is about to expire. They will cast reorientate 3 times, once the buff expires the last time they will explode and push it to the next phase.

    p5 Main boss 60%>20%:
    from 60%>40% its exactly the same as p3 with no extra additions untill 40%. Once the boss hits 40% he will pull everyone towards a tether and everyon either kill the tether or use a CC removal. Make sure that the healer and tank is freed asap before any of the dps. Also the boss will now cast "Lockdown" and "Suppression Wave". Lockdown will cast a tether on a single random player, simply kill the tether or use a CC removal. "Suppression Wave" will cast a ring around the boss that will expand in pulses. If you get stuck in the pulse it will stun you briefly and do a small amount of damage, the stun can be lethal in combination with the exploding droids. Once the boss hits 20% he will go into the third and final transition phase.

    p6 Third transition:
    Exactly the same as the second transition, however this time around you will also have to deal with the exploding droids that will move to a random player and explode. Tactic wise nothing realy changes but you need to be more carefull with movement.

    p7 Main Boss 20%>0%:
    The final stretch, you can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there for just a bit longer. It is the same as the previous 40%>20%.

    Forgemaster Trogun
    Volcanic Strike:
    This will be cast on the tank dealing high damage unless avoided, and will spawn a vulcano on the ground that will spit fire on your party members

    Forgemaster’s Call:
    This will be cast every 20% or so. The boss will start channeling this and a couple of green orb will spawn from the side of the room moving towards the boss. The orbs can be intercepted and will increase your healing/damage dealt and reduce you damage taken, if however orbs reach the boss it will instead give him a stacking buff increasing his damage.

    Exanite Weapon:
    Cast at 50% the boss will move to his original spot and spit out a bunch of disks that has to be avoided. The discs will deal medium damage.


    This fight is mainly about avoiding bad stuff. At the pull of the fight the boss will start channeling, he will not attack you however DO NOT RUN ON THE BOSS AT PULL HE WILL 1SHOT YOU IF YOU GET NEAR HIM. After a short bit he will move down his platform and the real fun starts. The volcanic strike can be interupted to reduce some damage on the boss and a nice "moment of opportunity". Every 20% or so the boss will cast "Forgemaster’s Call", make sure people are spread out so they can intercept the orbs, dont let the orbs hit the boss or it will increase his damage to the point where the tank damage can get realy uncontrollable.

    Once at 50% the boss will run back to his platform and will start channeling "Exanite Weapon". Just move as far away from the boss as possible, this should make it easy to avoid the razor disks he will throw at you. Avoiding this can be tough and hectic, but keep at it once you get in the groove its not to bad.

    When the "Exanite Weapon" bit is over everything turns back to the initial phase with the addition of razor disks when the boss start channeling forgemasters call. You should move right away from the boss to start intercepting the orbs, you will have just enough time to turn around and react to the incoming flurry of razor disks. Simply avoid the disks and pewpew back on the boss.

    tldr: cluster**** of bad shit to avoid, otherwise pretty much tank and spank.

    Final notes:
    This dungeon might on paper seem easy, ITS NOT! The first and third boss are relative easy with some practice but the second boss is just a nightmare. There is currently a bug in the encounter that randomly drops the tanks agro making it really easy for dps to take over and get twatted in the face. Aside from that bug the sheer amount of phases the boss have and the amount of shit thrown at you will make you probably spend the most time trying to get it right and kill him. None the less the timer for silver/gold seems rather forgiving and wont be to much of a challenge once you get the second boss down consistently.

    I wrote this guide mainly to support my guild in their progress to silver medals, and will make guides for the other 3 dungeons when i get the chance. It is allot more work then i previously anticipated but its all worth it.

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    Great guide thanks

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