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    Novo's Easy AionGalaxyEmu Repack 0.0.1 [DE/EN][Client 2.7.x]

    After a long time of trying to get Java and the Emulator working,
    I decided to make an easy to use EasyAIONEmu Repack for me and now I share this to you!
    You only have to download Novo's EasyAIONEmulator Repack and follow a few steps to start it.
    No installation, no manual configuration needed! (it use it's own portable Java and MySQL Server)

    Credits go to:
    Novo @ ©2011
    AionCore Dev Team @
    AionUniqueEmu Dev Team @
    AionLightning Dev Team @
    aionXemu Dev Team @
    OpenAionXemu Dev Team @
    AionGalaxyEmu Dev Team @

    You are ALLOWED to spread / post /copy / translate this tutorial!

    04th December 2011:
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    - Updated EasyRepack to:
    AionGalaxyEmu; changelog @ Changes - aion-galaxy-emu - Aion Galaxy Emu 2.7 - Google Project Hosting

    Updated Repack to: Java SE Development Kit 1.6.0_29 i586 portable, apache ant 1.8.1 mini, svn 1.6.6 mini

    Aion client version 2.7.x
    Characters creation
    Player stats
    Player cube expansion
    Items use works fine (you can us all kind of pots and food etc.)
    Lvl up and exp rates are compatible
    Merchants, Brokers ,Personal Shops are working fine
    Monsters attak and movement is correct
    Flight Teleport
    Normal Teleport
    Player pvp system
    Player duel system
    Trade between players
    Looting system
    Enchant System (manastones,goodstones etc gives corrcet stats)
    Personal warehouses
    Account warehouses
    Legion system (with all new titles and remodeled clothes)
    Items Remodeling
    Weapon Fusion System
    Set Items Bonuses
    Fortress works
    PvP in abyss is possible
    Plyer Sikills (skillbooks all woking correctly)
    Rift system
    Group system (alliance included)
    100% of Campain Quets is Working but 95% is Retail Like
    90% of Normal Quests Woking
    Windstreams Works
    Pet System
    Low lvl instances working almost reatail like work on others is in progress
    Essoterance Instance working fine (quests for it in progress)
    Filight time , correct gliding and fly rings working
    100% spawns from 2.5 but 70% of Npcs spawn and walkers are retail like
    Cosmetics Tickets working (hair change etc.)
    Motions working (books)
    Emotions working(books)
    100% of normal drops but 80% of Bosses Drops are ratail like
    Use new GM Commands / Teleport IDs from the List (in folder "Tools")
    And much more, find out or read the SVN Changesets online!



    To Start AION on localhost, make a start.bat file with notepad and write:

    @echo off
    if exist L10N1_enu1_enu.pak (
       start bin32aion.bin -ip: -port:2106 -cc:1 -lang:enu -noweb  -nokicks -ncg -noauthgg -ls -charnamemenu -ingameshop -DEVMODE  "con_disable_console 0" -DEVMODE "g_chatlog 1" -DEVMODE  "g_auto_disconnect 0"
    ) else if exist L10N1_deu1_deu.pak (
        start bin32aion.bin -ip: -port:2106 -cc:2 -lang:deu -noweb  -nokicks -ncg -noauthgg -ls -charnamemenu -ingameshop -DEVMODE  "con_disable_console 0" -DEVMODE "g_chatlog 1" -DEVMODE  "g_auto_disconnect 0"
    ) else if exist L10N1_fra1_fra.pak (
        start bin32aion.bin -ip: -port:2106 -cc:2 -lang:fra -noweb  -nokicks -ncg -noauthgg -ls -charnamemenu -ingameshop -DEVMODE  "con_disable_console 0" -DEVMODE "g_chatlog 1" -DEVMODE  "g_auto_disconnect 0"
    ) else if exist L10N1_rus1_rus.pak (
        start bin32aion.bin -ip: -port:2106 -cc:7 -lang:rus -noweb  -nokicks -ncg -noauthgg -ls -charnamemenu -ingameshop -DEVMODE  "con_disable_console 0" -DEVMODE "g_chatlog 1" -DEVMODE  "g_auto_disconnect 0"
    and put it into your Aion Main Folder!

    ! Don't forget: !
    You NEED to copy fyyre's "d3d8thk.dll" from "ToolsAion LauncherDisable Login IP Check fix" to "Aionbin32" FOR LOGIN FIX !!


    Anleitung zum erfolgreichen downloaden, compilieren und starten des AION Emulators:

    downloade und entpacke "Novo's EasyAIONEmulator Repack"

    Geh in den Ordner "SVN AIONEmu Source" und klicke auf "1. SVN Update Source.bat"

    Starte danach "2. Build&Copy Aion Server.bat"

    Installiere nun die Datenbank.
    Starte dazu "3. Install Database.bat"
    Achtung: Alle existierenden character / Accounts aus der alten Datenbank gehen dabei verloren!
    Backup der alten Datenbank wird im "Database Installer" Ordner erstellt.

    Nun müssen die config files des LoginServers und GameServers angepasst werden!
    Starte dazu: "4. Configure Settings.bat"

    Nun kannst du den Server starten.
    Starte einfach: "Start AIONEmulator.bat"

    Account erstellen:
    gehe auf ""
    und erstelle dir einen Account!
    Oder logg dich mit dem schon vorhandenen Admin Account ein: admin / admin

    Wenn du "Admin/GM" sein willst:
    logg dich aus, öffne Navicat, öffne die "aionls" Datenbank und suche
    deinen Account in der tabelle "account_data".
    Setze in der "access_level" Spalte deines AccountNamens "3" für full admin
    Relogge dein Character.
    (Database Login: User: root - Password: aion - Port: 3316)

    !!! FINISH !!!

    Zum Starten des Servers num immer Punkt 6. ausführen,
    um den Server selber upzudaten, Punkt 1-7 wiederholen.

    Gehe in den Ordner "Novo's EasyAion EmulatorAIONEmulatorgameserverconfig"
    öffne die "default.config" mit Notepad.
    Stelle hier noch weitere Optionen ein wie z.B. AutoLearn Skill, Doprate etc.

    Aion Server veröffentlichen:
    Öffne die Datei "ipconfig.xml" aus "Novo's EasyAion EmulatorAIONEmulatorgameserverconfig" mit Notepad:

    <ipconfig default="">

    # If you want to connect from an other computer (make it public)
    # then change the IP to your IP from "What Is My IP Address - Shows Your IP Address
    # now open the Ports 7777, 2106, 8096 (TCP)


    Tutorial HowTo download, compile and start and the AionEmu Emulator:

    download and unpack "Novo's EasyAIONEmulator Repack"

    Go into the folder "SVN AIONEmu Source" and click on "1. SVN Update Source.bat"

    after that start "2. Build&Copy Aion Server.bat"

    Now install the Database.
    Sstart "3. Install Database.bat"
    Warning: All existing character / Accounts from the Database get lost!
    Backup of the old Database get saved in the folder "Database Installer".

    Now, you have to edit the config files of LoginServer and GameServer.
    start "4. Configure Settings.bat"

    Now you can start the Server.
    Just click on: "Start AIONEmulator.bat"

    Create an Account:
    go to ""
    and create your account or login with preconfigured Account admin / admin

    If you want to be "Admin/GM":
    log out, open Navicat, open the "aionls" Database and look for
    your Account the table "account_data".
    Set the "access_level" column of your Account to "3" for admin
    Relog your character to take effect.
    (Database Login: User: root - Password: aion - Port: 3316)

    !!! FINISH !!!

    To Start the Server, only do Step 6.
    To update the Server by yourself, do Step 1-7 again

    Go to the folder "Novo's EasyAion EmulatorAIONEmulatorgameserverconfig"
    Open the "default.config" with Notepad.
    Set other Options if you want, like: Rates, Drops, Skill AutoLearn, and so on.

    Make the Aion Server public:
    Edit the file "ipconfig.xml" of "Novo's EasyAion EmulatorAIONEmulatorgameserverconfig" with notepad:

    <ipconfig default="">

    # If you want to connect from an other computer (make it public)
    # then change the IP to your IP from ""
    # now open the Ports 7777, 2106, 8096 (TCP)
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