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    Pet Taming with Locations

    What is taming a pet?
    Taming is special Ranger only ability, wchich let you get certain pets in game as your own. Different types of pets not only have different looks, but different skills and roles as well.

    How to Tame a pet?
    It's very simple. first you have to find JUVENILE version of pet you want to tame (it will either be red or green, but always will have Juvenile at the beggining of it's name), then you hit F (deafault), and later will get menu asking in you want to stable or equip this pet.

    Where to Tame a pet?
    I will give you two lists. Firs will be sorted by pet name, second by location of apperance. If you find any other pets to tame please feel free to give me an info, and I will edit lists.

     PET	MAP	     AREA
        Alpine Wolf Hoelbrak Wolf Lodge
        Alpine Wolf Starter Pet Norn
        Alpine Wolf Wayfarer Foothills Borealis Forest
        Arctodus Wayfarer Foothills Frusenfell Creek
        Armor Fish Bloodtide Coast Dredgehat Isle
        Armor Fish Plains of Ashford Ascalon Basin
        Black Bear Plains of Ashford Charr’s Triumph
        Black Moa Fields of Ruin Utyugh’s Kraal
        Black Moa Hall of Monuments
        Black Widow Spider Hall of Monuments
        Blue Jellyfish WvW Home Map Southern Supply Water
        Blue Moa Bloodtide Coast Stormbuff Isle
        Blue Moa Caledon Forest Ventry Bay
        Blue Moa Queensdale Western Divinity Dam
        Blue Moa Starter Pet Sylvari
        Boar Caledon Forest Wetland Bayou
        Boar Plains of Ashford Phasmatis Corridor
        Boar Queensdale Altar Brook Vale
        Boar WvW Victor’s Lodge
        Brown Bear Kessex Hills Cereboth Canyon
        Brown Bear Kessex Hills Halacon Cataracts
        Brown Bear Starter Pet Human
        Brown Bear Starter Pet Norn
        Brown Bear Wayfarer Foothills Borealis Forest
        Brown Bear Wayfarer Foothills Grawlenfjord
        Carrion Devourer Fireheart Rise Keeper’s Sanctum
        Carrion Devourer Fireheart Rise The Toughstone
        Carrion Devourer Starter Pet Charr
        Eagle Harathi Hinterlands Wildspine Hills
        Eagle Kessex Hills Earthlord’s Grasp
        Eagle Kessex Hills Halacon Cataracts
        Eagle Kessex Hills Sojourner’s Way
        Fern Mastiff Brisban Wildlands Nemeton Grove
        Fern Mastiff Brisban Wildlands Zinder Slope
        Fern Mastiff Caledon Forest Mabon Market
        Fern Mastiff Caledon Forest Trader’s Green
        Fern Mastiff Starter Pet Sylvari
        Flamingo Brisban Wildlands Venlin Vale
        Flamingo Caledon Forest Mabon Market
        Flamingo Caledon Forest Quetzal Bay
        Flamingo Caledon Forest Ventry Bay
        Flamingo Starter Pet Asuran
        Forest Spider Queensdale Queen’s Forest
        Golden Moa WvW Center Blue Team Keep/Quentin Lake
        Hyena Plains of Ashford Gunbreach Hills
        Hyena Plains of Ashford Lake Feritas
        Hyena Plains of Ashford Victor’s Presidium
        Ice Drake Wayfarer Foothills Darkriven Bluffs
        Ice Drake Wayfarer Foothills Outcast’s Cleft
        Jaguar Brisban Wildlands Duskstruck Moors
        Jaguar Metrica Province Akk Wilds
        Jaguar Metrica Province Cuatl Morass
        Jungle Spider Brisban Wildlands Hidden Lake (north part near observers)
        Jungle Spider Caledon Forest The Rowanwoods
        Jungle Stalker Caledon Forest Sandycove Beach
        Jungle Stalker Starter Pet Asura
        Jungle Stalker Starter Pet Charr
        Jungle Stalker Starter Pet Human
        Jungle Stalker Starter Pet Sylvari
        Jungle Stalker WvW Golanta Clearing
        Krytan Drakehound Divinity’s Reach Rurikton
        Krytan Drakehound Divinity’s Reach Western Commons
        Krytan Drakehound Gendarren Fields Nebo Terrace
        Krytan Drakehound Queensdale Shire of Beetleton
        Lash Tail Devourer Black Citadel Ruins of Rin
        Lash Tail Devourer Diessa Plateau Arcovian Foothills
        Lynx Snowden Drifts Hrothgar’s Pass
        Marsh Drake Caledon Forest Wychmire Swamp
        Marsh Drake Kessex Hills Akk Wilds
        Marsh Drake Starter Pet Asura
        Murrelow Brisban Wildlands Brilitine Swath
        Owl Fireheart Rise Mangonel Cavern
        Owl Snowden Drifts Tala Waypoint
        Pig Divinity Reach Ossan Quarter
        Pig Gandarran Fields Cornucopian Fields
        Pig Queensdale Claypool
        Pig WvW Home Map Victor’s Lodge
        Polar Bear Hoelbrak Lake Mourn
        Rainbow Jellyfish Hall of Monuments
        Raven Hoelbrak Might and Main
        Raven Wayfarer Foothills Hangrammar Climb
        Red Jellyfish Bloodtide Coast Sanguine Bay
        Red Jellyfish Bloodtide Coast Sorrowfull Sound
        Red Jellyfish WvW Home Map Victor’s Lodge
        Red Moa Fireheart Rise Apostate Wastes
        Red Moa Plains of Ashford Agnos Gorge
        Red Moa Plains of Ashford Cadern Forest
        Red Moa Plains of Ashford Phasmatis Corridor
        River Drake Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
        River Drake Kessex Hills Cereboth Canyon
        River Drake Kessex Hills Delanian Forest
        River Drake Queensdale Eastern Divinity Dam
        River Drake Queensdale Western Divinity Dam
        River Drake Starter Pet Human
        Salamander Drake Starter Pet Charr
        Salamander Drake WvW Center Map Blue Shard Hill
        Shark Bloodtide Coast Sanguine Bay
        Shark Iron Marches Lake Carnifex
        Shark Kessex Hills Viathan Lake
        Shark Kessex Hills Viathan’s Arm
        Shark WvW Homemap Southern Supply Water
        Siamoth Brisban Wildlands Venlin Vale
        Snow Leopard Hoelbrak Might and Main
        Snow Leopard Norn Norn
        Snow Leopard Wayfarer Foothills Borealis Forest
        Tapir/Warthog Diessa Plateau Blasted Moors Waypoint
        Warthog Diessa Plateau Holystones Caves
        Warthog Fireheart Rise Buloh Crossing
        Warthog Fireheart Rise Havoc Steppes
        Whiptail Devourer Black Citadel Ligacious Notos
        Whiptail Devourer Plains of Ashford Cadern Forest
        White Moa Lornar’s Pass Bouldermouth Vale
        White Raven Hall of Monuments

    Map Pet Area
        Black Citadel Whiptail Devourer Ligacious Notos
        Black Citadel Lash Tail Devourer Ruins of Rin
        Bloodtide Coast Armor Fish Dredgehat Isle
        Bloodtide Coast River Drake Firth of Revanion
        Bloodtide Coast Red Jellyfish Sanguine Bay
        Bloodtide Coast Shark Sanguine Bay
        Bloodtide Coast Red Jellyfish Sorrowfull Sound
        Bloodtide Coast Blue Moa Stormbuff Isle
        Brisban Wildlands Murrelow Brilitine Swath
        Brisban Wildlands Jaguar Duskstruck Moors
        Brisban Wildlands Jungle Spider Hidden Lake (north part near observers)
        Brisban Wildlands Fern Mastiff Nemeton Grove
        Brisban Wildlands Flamingo Venlin Vale
        Brisban Wildlands Siamoth Venlin Vale
        Brisban Wildlands Fern Mastiff Zinder Slope
        Caledon Forest Fern Mastiff Mabon Market
        Caledon Forest Flamingo Mabon Market
        Caledon Forest Flamingo Quetzal Bay
        Caledon Forest Jungle Stalker Sandycove Beach
        Caledon Forest Jungle Spider The Rowanwoods
        Caledon Forest Fern Mastiff Trader’s Green
        Caledon Forest Blue Moa Ventry Bay
        Caledon Forest Flamingo Ventry Bay
        Caledon Forest Boar Wetland Bayou
        Caledon Forest Marsh Drake Wychmire Swamp
        Diessa Plateau Lash Tail Devourer Arcovian Foothills
        Diessa Plateau Tapir/Warthog Blasted Moors Waypoint
        Diessa Plateau Warthog Holystones Caves
        Divinity Reach Pig Ossan Quarter
        Divinity’s Reach Krytan Drakehound Rurikton
        Divinity’s Reach Krytan Drakehound Western Commons
        Fields of Ruin Black Moa Utyugh’s Kraal
        Fireheart Rise Red Moa Apostate Wastes
        Fireheart Rise Warthog Buloh Crossing
        Fireheart Rise Warthog Havoc Steppes
        Fireheart Rise Carrion Devourer Keeper’s Sanctum
        Fireheart Rise Owl Mangonel Cavern
        Fireheart Rise Carrion Devourer The Toughstone
        Gandarran Fields Pig Cornucopian Fields
        Gendarren Fields Krytan Drakehound Nebo Terrace
        Hall of Monuments White Raven
        Hall of Monuments Black Widow Spider
        Hall of Monuments Rainbow Jellyfish
        Hall of Monuments Black Moa
        Harathi Hinterlands Eagle Wildspine Hills
        Hoelbrak Polar Bear Lake Mourn
        Hoelbrak Raven Might and Main
        Hoelbrak Snow Leopard Might and Main
        Hoelbrak Alpine Wolf Wolf Lodge
        Iron Marches Shark Lake Carnifex
        Kessex Hills Marsh Drake Akk Wilds
        Kessex Hills Brown Bear Cereboth Canyon
        Kessex Hills River Drake Cereboth Canyon
        Kessex Hills River Drake Delanian Forest
        Kessex Hills Eagle Earthlord’s Grasp
        Kessex Hills Brown Bear Halacon Cataracts
        Kessex Hills Eagle Halacon Cataracts
        Kessex Hills Eagle Sojourner’s Way
        Kessex Hills Shark Viathan Lake
        Kessex Hills Shark Viathan’s Arm
        Lornar’s Pass White Moa Bouldermouth Vale
        Metrica Province Jaguar Akk Wilds
        Metrica Province Jaguar Cuatl Morass
        Norn Snow Leopard Norn
        Plains of Ashford Red Moa Agnos Gorge
        Plains of Ashford Armor Fish Ascalon Basin
        Plains of Ashford Red Moa Cadern Forest
        Plains of Ashford Whiptail Devourer Cadern Forest
        Plains of Ashford Black Bear Charr’s Triumph
        Plains of Ashford Hyena Gunbreach Hills
        Plains of Ashford Hyena Lake Feritas
        Plains of Ashford Boar Phasmatis Corridor
        Plains of Ashford Red Moa Phasmatis Corridor
        Plains of Ashford Hyena Victor’s Presidium
        Queensdale Boar Altar Brook Vale
        Queensdale Pig Claypool
        Queensdale River Drake Eastern Divinity Dam
        Queensdale Forest Spider Queen’s Forest
        Queensdale Krytan Drakehound Shire of Beetleton
        Queensdale Blue Moa Western Divinity Dam
        Queensdale River Drake Western Divinity Dam
        Snowden Drifts Lynx Hrothgar’s Pass
        Snowden Drifts Owl Tala Waypoint
        Starter Pet Flamingo Asuran
        Starter Pet Brown Bear Human
        Starter Pet Alpine Wolf Norn
        Starter Pet Brown Bear Norn
        Starter Pet Carrion Devourer Charr
        Starter Pet Jungle Stalker Asura
        Starter Pet Jungle Stalker Charr
        Starter Pet Jungle Stalker Human
        Starter Pet Jungle Stalker Sylvari
        Starter Pet Marsh Drake Asura
        Starter Pet River Drake Human
        Starter Pet Salamander Drake Charr
        Starter Pet Blue Moa Sylvari
        Starter Pet Fern Mastiff Sylvari
        Wayfarer Foothills Alpine Wolf Borealis Forest
        Wayfarer Foothills Brown Bear Borealis Forest
        Wayfarer Foothills Snow Leopard Borealis Forest
        Wayfarer Foothills Ice Drake Darkriven Bluffs
        Wayfarer Foothills Arctodus Frusenfell Creek
        Wayfarer Foothills Brown Bear Grawlenfjord
        Wayfarer Foothills Raven Hangrammar Climb
        Wayfarer Foothills Ice Drake Outcast’s Cleft
        WvW Jungle Stalker Golanta Clearing
        WvW Shark Homemap Southern Supply Water
        WvW Boar Victor’s Lodge
        WvW Center Golden Moa Blue Team Keep/Quentin Lake
        WvW Center Map Salamander Drake Blue Shard Hill
        WvW Home Map Blue Jellyfish Southern Supply Water
        WvW Home Map Pig Victor’s Lodge
        WvW Home Map Red Jellyfish Victor’s Lodge

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    Thank you for posting this guide^_^ was looking for one, that would let me not to miss any charmable pets as I enter the zone!
    You might also want to add a link to this site: Ranger Pets | Guild Wars 2 Life
    It has pet whereabouts marked on maps, which makes looking for them much easier. Fr example, there's the link of where to find the Wolf Wolf Ranger Pet juvenile_wolf_location_world_vs_world

    Edit: I have also found a very nice Blogpost about the pet locations with marked maps:

    PS: There seems to be no such charmable pet as Golden Moa, I have checked all the locations, none are there + they are not listed as available pets on rangers list.
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