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    4 good accounts!!!!

    Account 1: All 85's are Alliance

    85 disc Priest 4.7k Resi (PvP, Sylvanas)
    85 fire/frost Mage 3.8k Resi (PvP, Sylvanas)
    85 sub Rogue 3.8k Resi (PvP, Sylvanas)
    85 Ret / Holy Paladin 4.6k Resi (PvP, Sylvanas)
    62 DK / lvl 50 Hunter

    Account 2:

    85 MM Hunter 4.8k Resi (PvP, horde stormscale)
    85 Prot Pally (PvE, ally Alonsus)
    85 Arms / Prot Warrior low geared blues (ally Alonsus)
    81 Frost/Blood DK (ally Alonsus)

    Account 3:

    85 Alliance Feral/Resto Druid. 4.5k Resi as Feral, 3.8 as Resto. (Neptulon)

    Account 4:

    85 Enhancement / Resto Shaman. 4k Resi as enhance, 3.7k resi as resto. (PvP, horde Stormscale)
    85 Affliction Warlock. 3.8k Resilience. (PvP, Alliance Neptulon)

    If you want further information and/or is interested , contact me through:
    Skype: Enjoy.sanchez
    Email: [email protected]
    Or Send me a private message on this website!!!
    Will send armory links etc on personal request!

    All accounts can be bought seperately offc!!!!!



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