Volume goes to 1 on Sound Mixer with each restart menu

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    Volume goes to 1 on Sound Mixer with each restart

    I opened hud and adjusted sound on the mixer to my preferred volume. I closed hud and reopened and after a bit I notice I could barely hear any announcements for shrines and such. I adjusted volume back up and played a bit and then closed. Opened again and checked mixer and volume was at 1 again. Repeated a few times to verify that sound goes to 1 after each restart.


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    HUD automatically adjusts it's own volume based on the game's volume values

    In plugins, Hud.Sound.VolumeMode = VolumeMode.AutoMasterAndEffects by default.

    Also there is another value: Hud.Sound.VolumeMultiplier (= 1.0 by default)

    // used when Mode == AutoMaster or Mode == AutoMasterAndEffects
    // AutoMaster final volume is calculated by this: (IngameMasterVolume / 100) * VolumeMultiplier
    // AutoMasterAndEffects final volume is calculated by this: (IngameMasterVolume / 100) * (IngameEffectsVolume / 100) * VolumeMultiplier

    If you don't want this automatic behavior then edit your customer plugin and write this in the Customize() method:

    Hud.Sound.VolumeMode = VolumeMode.Constant;
    Hud.Sound.VolumeMultiplier = 0.5;

    0.5 is just an example, your can use any number between 0.0 and 1.0


    If you want automatic adjustment, related to the game's volume settings directly, then use can set only VolumeMultiplier.
    If it is 0.5 for example, then HUD's volume level will be automatically adjusted to the ingame volume * 0.5.

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