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    Ptr 2.6.6 online

    Patch 2.6.6 PTR Patch Notes: July 25th - News - Icy Veins Forums

    a loot of changes
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    The buff for Season 18, the Season of the Triune is a disappointment to me and regarding what was anticipated on the net.
    IMHO like Oculus ring which I have personally avoided unless you have to have it for pushing.
    Works great for some builds but not for my play style generally as I prefer T16 speed build style over pushing GR 100+.

    Legacy of Dreams (new Legendary Gem) makes LoN builds viable without Legacy of Nightmares set rings. That's good :-)

    Lots of smaller changed to several items that can be interesting , or not.

    I was planning to do Crusader(?) melee build but season buff means to go for a ranged build so I have to reconsider this.
    S18 starter sets here.

    Raxxanterax posted a video for Season 18 PTR Full Review and Gameplay.
    It contains real PTR gameplay and good explanation how Season of the Triune buff works.
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    Due to the length of PTRs going forward (1-2 weeks), KJ should not put a PTR beta build up. Sorry to burst your bubble, but PTR's are strictly for 1 week "bug testing".

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    The new season 18 buff seems to be weak compared to the last one's, but that is not the case. especially the cooldown reduce ringzone can be very nice for some builds based one cooldown intense skills. the most important fact of the new buff is, u don't need to kill the enemies, just hit one, to spawn the circle.
    The negative side-effect, that player have to change their playstyle a bit, in order to take advantage of the buff.
    the changes of some legendary effects are very interesting, cause they are not for special classes. but they are intented for some builds that are weak at the moment or that need some little improvents to become powerfull. e.g. thorns builds of crusaders, wizards with Delsere's Magnum Opus set or WD with a more passive playstyle minion build.
    and all barb players finally get the long lost berserker buff bracers.

    all in all, this patch seems to bring just small changes but opens a lot of new build-variants or even new builds

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