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    Pools of Reflection - My Way

    Hey fellas,

    everyone knows that stacking PoR is good but here is my way which I found to be the best.

    The usual run takes me 1:30 on my WD (including elite kills).

    I won't butter you up with fake 10pool timers as it is still RNG but this run seems to cut off the unnecessary running like with the Leoric Manor version.

    1) Start A1Q6 Talk to Alaric on whichever difficulty you can still clear without delays
    2) WP to Drowned Temple and look for CotA (Crypt of the Ancients)
    3) Once you enter you'll get a check point

    From this point on the run is as follows:
    1) Create a game
    2) Run to the TP which will port you directly to CotA
    3) Sprint throught CotA to get to the "lower level", press "M" and port directly to Cemetery of the Forsaken
    4) Check around the waypoint and enter the three crypts
    5) TP out
    6) Repeat

    CotA spawn points:
    Pools of Reflection - My Way-xvwplnp-jpg - Top
    Pools of Reflection - My Way-kxczlfw-jpg - Middle
    Pools of Reflection - My Way-sk7tkiu-jpg - Bot (once I started taking screen shots this bugger wouldn't spawn)

    Cemetery of the Forsaken spawn point:
    Pools of Reflection - My Way-owdcded-jpg - There are many other spawn points outdoors
    Pools of Reflection - My Way-shtfgta-jpg - Inside of the crypts

    Quick navigation from CotA to CotF:
    Pools of Reflection - My Way-hg1i3sd-jpg

    Pools of Reflection - My Way

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