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  • OwnedCore Report #14

    14 is essentially two 7's and word in the streets is that 7 is a lucky number. Therefore I don't see how this isn't considered a double lucky report. We've got a jam packed report this time around. BFA alpha was datamined, BFA preorders are out, HoTS has a new champion, and some interesting gaming around the globe news.

    BFA Datamine

    Possible Spoilers ahead.

    In the BFA's datamine from both WoWhead and MMO-Champ we see a ton of interesting news coming with the expansion. For a full list of these datamined goods click here

    • New NPC models

    We got a look at some of the actual models in this datamine of many NPC's and people are doing a lot of speculation about the models being possible future Allied Races. Blizzard has already confirmed we will be getting more in the next expansion than what was revealed at Blizzcon 2017, and they double confirmed that by letting us know Brown Orcs will be a future Allied Race come BFA. So now we look at some of these new human models and it is hard to ignore the strong possibility that they would be a great fit for an Alliance allied race. If not an Allied Race, maybe a customization like the straight backed orcs.

    • Zandalari Trolls Travel Models

    We know Highmountain can be druids as well but lets be honest with ourselves, who is really going Highmountain over Zandalari Troll!? These forms fit right in with their dinosaur Mayan theme it seems they have going on.

    • Profession Changes

    It looks promising that professions will be going in a healthy direction in BFA just by looking at some of the additions some of the professions are receiving.

    Blacksmith is getting an item that is BOP and allows you to repair all your equipment in an instant with a 1 hour cooldown, called Khaz'gorian Hammer.

    Tailoring get a Hot Air Balloon pet .

    There are many more changes to all professions so I suggest clicking the link above to go further into details about the profession you are most interested in. One major change coming to professions as a whole is that they are getting their skill points squished down. For Legion the cap will be 100! The band-aid fix of all recipes needing only level one to create will finally be fully resolves.

    • Mounts

    I hope you like dinosaur mounts because there are a lot of them coming in BFA. A full list of them can be seen directly here. To me it seems like they are stepping up their mount game by giving the horses a brand new look, adding some interesting creatures to fly on, and more. I'll put a couple pics below to highlight a few.

    BFA Pre-Order

    The BFA Pre-Orders came out about a week ago and with them some interesting speculation and cool rewards. All of this can be seen here.

    Battle for Azeroth will cost you $50.00 USD for the standard edition which includes:

    • Early Access to Allied Races (Not Zandalari Troll or Dark Iron Dwarves)

    • Access to these Races Heritage Armor by leveling them to 110 from scratch

    • And a Boost to 110.

    PS: I hear Void Elves are broke! That 5% dmg increase proc that lasts 12 seconds has a 33% proc rate and a 1 minute ICD. Meaning it basically procs every minute and has a 20% up time which also lines up with cd's pretty well for most casters. Hopefully that is nerfed.

    Also why would you ever go Nightborne if your not a DPS caster? The racial is magic damage only and doesn't even impact healing. So if your a Nightborne warrior you just lack a damage increase racial? Jeez

    The Deluxe Edition comes with your standard goodies including:

    • A faction specific mount

    • A interesting turtle pet

    • And a goodie for every other Blizzard Title....except Diablo 3

    Now to me this speaks VOLUMES and I have not seen many people talk about this. I mean even dead SC2 got a goodie item per usual and this is the first time they completely disregarded one of their titles in a WoW expansion goodie. So what do I think this says? That game is not only dead, but Blizzard are completely and fully done with it. Even an intern could've made what they normally give you for a D3 goodie which was a banner and some random icon. To completely dismiss it as a whole just says it all.

    Half glass full view of this could be that Diablo 4 is in the works and maybe it will be that highly anticipated MMO-ARPG people seem to want it to be. This would be the best course of action in my opinion as well. No way Blizzard will allow as much min maxing as POE does so it won't bring back the hardcore (which clearly means something considering casual D3 died without them) and this would be a route that hasn't been done other than Devilian which flopped because they made some terrible decisions including paying to play certain classes. With Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal being the only two games in the category (and neither being close to out yet) this is the perfect time for Blizzard to take control of the genre.

    Just thinking out loud here though, what do you guys think about this? Is the dismissing of Diablo 3 from the Digital Deluxe goodies as big of a deal as I think it is?

    Update on Classic WoW

    On January 30th Forbes did an interview with Jeremy Feasel and J. Allen Brack about Classic Servers. Here is the full article.

    The interview went into decent detail but was overall short but had some interesting pieces of detail in it.

    1: There are people involved on Classic Servers right now.

    2: They are still not sure to do with decisions like "do we use new models?" and just how much quality of life do we bring over from classic wow including auto loot?

    3: They may have announced it a bit early because people think its a lot closer to coming out than it truly is. So essentially, we all gonna be old when this launches.

    4: They are going to run classic WoW on modern WoW infrastructure.

    Maiev is now in HOTS

    The hunt continues in a new game for this bad ass Blizzard character. Maiev was recently given a spotlight on the Heroes of the Storm Youtube. Some things to know about what she will bring to the table.

    Her role: Melee Assassin

    Trait: Vault of the Wardens; allowing Maiev to jump in the air avoiding incoming damage

    Q Ability: Fan of Knives; Throws 3 knives in front of her and if she hits at least two heroes the CD of the ability is reduced.

    W Ability: Umbral Bind; An AOE melee cleave that not only damages enemies but tethers all enemies hit to Maiev and if stray to far from her, will be gripped back to Maiev.

    E Ability: Spirit of Vengeance; send a shadow of herself in front of her hitting enemies it passes through, also returns after hitting its max distance. Before returning Maiev can blink to the shadow and use it as utility.

    Ultimate #1: Containment Disc; Throws a Disc that hits the first enemy in its path and after a few seconds can be reactivated to put the hero in "time stop" which is essentially a full lock down CC (looks like the crystal Illidan was in).

    Ultimate #2: Warden's Cage; Creates a Ring of Wardens around her and enemies that try leaving that ring are pushed back in toward Maiev.

    Thoughts: For starters I am just glad she is being added to HOTS. I think she is one of the cooler characters in WoW story wise. As far as gameplay goes she reminds me a lot of Zeratul and Anubarak mixed. She has good mobility like Zeratul which is huge for melee assassins in that game, she also has a good amount of burst. I truly think her ultimate #1 is going to be the most favored because it reminds me of Anubaraks most favored Ultimate where he puts you in a web and basically turns a fight into a 4v5 with 1 ability. And Anub is super strong because of this so I think Maiev is going to be a possible better version of Anub!

    News from around the globe!

    Anthem has been delayed. BioWare has been said to be doubling down on this game in an all or nothing fashion. This game was announced at E3 2017 and will not come out until 2019. This to me can be such a hit or miss move. After seeing what happened with Destiny 2, even after that was delayed I lose faith. Also this is being published by EA so only god knows what schemes are going to be included. But another side of me is just so bored with current games that a gust of wind will get me hyped so against my better judgement, count me in on the HYPE TRAIN!

    Red Dead has been delayed. Rockstar Games has confirmed the Prequel to the original will launch on October 26th, 2018 for Xbox One and PS4. It was made official on this blog post from Rockstar Games. The game was supposed to be out this spring but I trust Rockstar and GTA V was a masterpiece so I don't know if I am mad. This definitely sucks for PC players though because we won't be seeing a PC version until Summer 2019 or later most likely due to this delay.

    New God of War Trailer, enough said.
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